Where is My $300 LWA Unemployment? Partial Payment Delays and PUA Recipient Schedules


Despite payment of the $300 LWA weekly benefit across several states, many eligible claimants are still finding that they have yet to receive their funds or that they only received partial payments. This is despite funding for the Lost Wages Assistance (LWA) program having already run out and capped at 6 weeks for most states, well before the end of the original December expiry. Another point of frustration (and confusion) is that people in the same state are getting paid on different schedules based on the program they are currently receiving unemployment benefits under. Further it has been a challenge to get clear answers from their local state unemployment agencies and websites which were already swamped trying to make the payments under existing enhanced unemployment benefit programs (PUA, PEUC, EB)! So hopefully the information below will help answer some of your LWA queries on why your payments have stopped, delayed or not coming at all. Feel free to leave or review comments for any further questions.

Has my state exhausted benefits?

FEMA has confirmed that they have budgeted 6 weeks of funding ($1800 to $2400) for states that apply to all weeks of the program. Based on the tracker below, states that have already exhausted their funding were among the first to receive approvals from FEMA. Those states include: Arizona, Massachusetts, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Texas, Iowa, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Mexico.

Note some states like Florida have said they will only be paying 4 weeks of benefits (despite FEMA budget for 6 weeks) due to one of the program’s requirements which requires that at least a quarter of the program’s recipients receive an additional $100 in state jobless aid. Because Florida doesn’t have enough workers who earn at least $100 in state unemployment aid to qualify the FL DEO has said they won’t be applying for the remaining 2 weeks of LWA funding available.

Meeting the $100 minimum existing UI threshold

The LWA unemployment benefit requires claimants to be getting at least $100 of UI benefits (on a pre-tax basis) from existing state or federal unemployment programs. This minimum requirement is required for every single week the LWA program is in effect, which covers the weeks ending August 1st to September 5th. You will only get the extra $300 (or $400 in some select states) for the weeks you have certified and received over $100 in UI for existing programs.

COVID certification

States are requiring claimants to self-certify that they are eligible for the $300 extra payment because they were unemployed or partially unemployed due to disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. So make sure you complete this once you get notified by your state unemployment agency (or check your UI portal). If you are getting PUA unemployment, then this certification is already covered since that program required this certification in the first place.

Note – You will just need to certify once per LWA claim. There is no requirement for weekly LWA self-certifications. You should however continue to file your regular weekly claim certifications to receive your unemployment benefits along with any applicable LWA payments. You will need to call your state UI if you need to adjust your certification for past weeks (required to get LWA retroactive payments) if this cannot be done through your states UI portal.

Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) vs Regular Unemployment Driving Payment Dates

All state UI agencies had to implement PUA (and PEUC) programs earlier this year as part of the CARES act stimulus bill, which was generally done via separate systems or applications relative to their traditional UI systems already in place. In an unintended twist, the use of different systems has also meant that the LWA payment schedule for PUA recipients could also be different to those on regular unemployment because PUA claimants were not on traditional UI systems. In fact in many states, because the PUA systems were designed more recently LWA was able to be provided to PUA claimants more quickly than legacy systems used to deliver traditional unemployment benefits. For example in Ohio, PUA claimants began receiving retroactive LWA payments the week of September 16, 2020. Those on regular UI won’t start getting payments till late September.

Retroactive Remaining LWA Back Payments May Arrive in Batches

Because FEMA only initially awarded three weeks of funding – covering the weeks of August 1st, 8th and August 15th – many states only paid those first payments (one at a time or in a $900 lump sum) in the first round of LWA disbursements. Subsequent weeks required FEMA approval so were paid based on that and when states got the funds. Given the last week of funding for this program in many states was the week ending September 5th (paid the following week), some states who started paying early (e.g Texas, Arizona and Maryland) have already made the full $1800 payment to some claimants.

As a reminder here are the weeks (week ending) for states which have received the full 6 weeks of FEMA funding

  • August 1
  • August 8
  • August 15
  • August 22
  • August 29
  • September 5

Bank Account or Debit Card Processing Delays

While the state tracker below shows the first payment date for LWA benefits, it may take several days to get these in your bank account or debit card. Like with traditional UI and PUA benefits, after a payment has been released, it typically appears in your bank account or on your debit card in 1-2 business days. If you find its been more than 5 days, then contact your local state UI office.

This recently happened in New York (see update below table) where NY DOL confirmed they had released nearly $2 billion in LWA funds, but their payment processor – KeyBank – was unable to process payments that caused a 3 day delay in payments much to the angst of may NewYorkers whose UI portal showed payments had been made.

LWA less than what I expected

A common question is people seeing less than the $300 for a given week they got the payment. The main reason for this is that the $300 LWA payment is taxable. So if you were getting your existing UI taxed, then so will the LWA payment.

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Lost Wages Assistance (LWA) State Payment Date and Status

StateLWA StatusStart DateMax WeeksWeekly Amount
AlabamaPaying NowSep 6th6$300

Payment Pending

Mid to late October
(see estimate details)
ArizonaPaying NowAug 17th6$300
ArkansasPaying NowSep 12 (up to Oct 2nd)6$300
CaliforniaPaying NowSep 7th (Phase 1)
Sep 15th (Phase 2)
ColoradoPaying NowSep 18th (first 3 wk batch)
Sep 25th (second 3wk batch)
ConnecticutPaying NowSep 17th5$300
DelawarePaying NowSep 18th6$300
District of ColumbiaPaying NowFrom Sep 28th (paying wks 1 to 4)
From Oct 5th (paying wks 5 and 6)
FloridaPaying NowSep 8th4$300
GeorgiaPaying NowSep 12th6$300
HawaiiPaying NowSep 23rd
(see schedule)
IdahoPaying NowSep 12th6$300
IllinoisPaying NowSep 8th6$300
IndianaPaying NowWeek of Sep 21st6$300
IowaPaying NowSep 9th6$300
KansasPaying NowFrom Oct 6th
(see schedule/details)
KentuckyPaying NowSep 15th6$400
LouisianaPaying NowAug 27th6$300
MainePaying NowSep 12th6$300
MarylandPaying NowSep 12th (schedule)6$300
MassachusettsPaying NowSep 7th6$300
MichiganPaying NowSep 10th6$300
MinnesotaPaying NowSep 4th6$300
MississippiPaying NowSep 10th6$300
MissouriPaying NowAug 23rd6$300
MontanaPaying NowAug 30th6$400
NebraskaPaying NowSep 18th (First 3 weeks)
From Sep 20th (remaining payments)
NevadaPayment PendingMid to Late October
(see DETR comment)
New HampshirePaying NowSep 12th6$300
New JerseyPaying NowFrom October 19th
(see payment details)
New MexicoPaying NowSep 10th6$300
New YorkPaying NowSep 14th6$300
North CarolinaPaying NowSep 6th (4 weeks)
Sep 16th (2 weeks)
North DakotaPaying NowSep 17th6$300
OhioPaying NowFrom Sep 14th (on PUA)
From Sep 20th (others)
OklahomaPaying NowSep 23rd6$300
OregonPaying NowOctober 2nd6$300
PennsylvaniaPaying NowSep 17th (first 3 wk batch)
Sep 24th (second 3wk batch)
Rhode IslandPaying NowSep 6th6$300
South CarolinaPaying Now (by check)Sep 25th (7 to 14 days processing)6$300
South DakotaNo PaymentDid not enroll6-
TennesseePaying NowAug 30th6$300
TexasPaying NowAug 23rd6$300
UtahPaying NowFirst 3 wks: Sep 9th to Sep 15th
Second round: Sep 16th to Sep 23rd
VermontPaying NowWeek of Sep 14th6$300
VirginiaPaying NowOct 19th
(1 to 3 days to payout - see details)
WashingtonPaying NowSep 22nd6$300
West VirginiaPaying NowSep 16th6$400

WisconsinPayment PendingEnd of October6$300
WyomingPaying NowSep 13th6$300

The LWA state tracker table was last updated on October 19th. Payment Start date is when the state actually started processing current and/or retroactive UI payments OR is the estimated date of the first payment processing based on available information. Note: Due to bank processing delays, it can take 2 to 4 days after the noted dates for benefits to hit your bank account or debit card. Where a state has started paying benefits, you will see the LWA Status column updated to "Paying Now." Please see links to more information in the table or your state UI website for specific payment status. If you find any mistakes or have updates, please leave a comment below and I will update table to help others.

New York (NY) LWA payment update

As of September 18th, a lot of NY readers are posting comments that their first batch of LWA payments (which was due to be paid on Sep 15th according to the NY DOL) has not yet hit their bank accounts. The NY DOL has posted on twitter, “The first round of LWA payments has been released for those who were pre-qualified and those who certified by 5 pm on 9/15. After certifying, payments will be released in 1-2 business days if you are eligible”

NY DOL confirmed they have released ~$1.9 billion in LWA funds to 2.26 million NYers. But looks like an issue with their processor – KeyBank. Despite assurances their system could handle the load, KeyBank was unable to process payments overnight on 9/17.

KeyBank has said payments have been processed & will reach bank accounts by 4:30PM on Sep 18th at the latest. Which was the case for a lot of people, however per a recent tweet at 9pm on Sep 18th, it looks like payment delays will continue for many others and may take till Monday Sep 21st for people to see their LWA money! Disappointing news indeed.

Update: Second Round of Payments will be processed by the NY DOL as follows:

• Tue. 9/22: $300 payments for benefit week ending 8/23
• Wed. 9/23: $300 payments for benefit week ending 8/30
• Thu. 9/24: $300 payments for benefit week ending 9/6

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317 thoughts on “Where is My $300 LWA Unemployment? Partial Payment Delays and PUA Recipient Schedules

  1. I’m in Indiana. Payments were supposed to begin today. I haven’t received anything. Dose anyone have any information?

  2. I live in Michigan and I haven’t received my $900 to my chime. I received my unemployment payment but not the $900

  3. California- any idea when we see the second round of lwa payments? I have received the first $900 of payments. first the $300 and a week later the $600. Now I’m curious as to know when I will receive the next round of the the lwa payments and will i receive it the same as before or in one lump some? Thank you in advance. Again I’m from California

    1. I’m also from california, I havent even received the second 600 dollar payment yet so I’m sure the next ones wont be coming until everyone’s gotten the 900 for the first three weeks.

      1. I figured as much. My bf got his money so I was wondering if they paid out all of phase one and two yet and when they were gunna start paying the second round for phase one.

  4. I’m from Kansas and have heard nothing yet and we’ve been approved since September 7th. Is there any news on what date they will have the payments out?

    1. See this official KDOL page on LWA payments and qualification (table in post update). KDOL estimates that claimants will begin receiving benefits no sooner than late September. This means you probably won’t see the $400 payments till October, though should be paid in one retroactive lump sum for the 6 weeks the program had funding.

  5. In NYS, I received the email stating that I was getting the LWA. My LWA for last week has still not been processed by NYSDOL. Has anyone else had this problem? I was informed that I didn’t need to do anything and that I would be getting the payment. It should be showing up under payments processed on my NYSDOL unemployment site but they are not.

    1. YAH same thing, i’m qualified and my girlfriend and dad have already recieved the money about 600 but I have yet to see anything other than regular UI.

  6. Why I’m not getting LWA 3 weeks benefits. Every week I claim $78 benefits. But why did not I get LWA 3 weeks benefit yet?

    1. Because your state unemployment is less than $100/wk you’re not eligible for LWA.

    2. Who made up that foolish rule that you have to make $100 to qualify for the $300 benefit. I bet the president didn’t. Your punishing the folks that need it the most. I told my landlord that I promise I’ll have some money soon. He’s out of patience so it looks like me and my dog are out on the street. And I’m not alone. I make $85 a week . So do you feel better you save $15 a week and you put thousands on the street. Please change that before it’s to late. And if possible please forward to President . Again please reconsider . Thank you
      Charles Steinert

      1. It’s sad that this is happening I pray that things will change for you, I had to move in with my mother and my husband is with me also this is not what we wanted but we are both in this situation. I didn’t get any email much less a text and I’m on unemployment due to COVID-19 so I certified late for the LWA praying I’ll still get it. I pray that you will get the help you need and soon.

    1. See this official KDOL page on LWA payments and qualification (table in post update). KDOL estimates that claimants will begin receiving benefits no sooner than late September. This means you probably won’t see the $400 payments till October, though should be paid in one retroactive lump sum for the 6 weeks the program had funding.

  7. Do we know anything going on with TN? The chart says laying now from Aug 30th but I haven’t received my last two weeks of the $300 any ideas when they will start processing payments?

  8. I am a in ny…i do not get my unemployment on a keybank card I get it direct deposited…it is Monday September 21 and I still have not received the lwa funds in my bank account i was pre qualified and was not sent and docusign info in my email nor spam emails….where are my funds????

    1. We on sos emergency call on the same boat key bank gonna let’s us perish

    2. I’m in Buffalo New York I’ve been pre-qualified even when was drafted by the Department of Labor to the certification for the Lost ways to program and it told me that I do not have to certify them already certified and I still haven’t received the first set of payments it’s Monday 2:07 p.m. September 21st

  9. Colorado. I just woke up here in Denver to see that I did receive 2 separate payments of $255 ($300 taxed). Awesome. But when will I get the remaining payments?

  10. I live in Georgia. I receive UI unemployment I filled out the form on the link that you were supposed to fill out. Here it is Monday, 21 September and I have not received the first 900 nor is it pending. I Only received my regular pay of unemployment. I’ve called several times and left messages and sent emails to find out what is going on because I do make more than $100 a week in unemployment and I can’t get any answers from anyone. Nobody ever answers the phone and nobody ever returns calls or emails. I have a daughter going through cancer for the second time and I’m a single mom and I’m not able to work because of this and I’m really falling behind on everything and was really depending on that to get me out of the hole I’m in. Any answers would be greatly appreciated

    1. I am still waiting on the second payment for 900. I received the first one. Hopefully we will get it soon.

      1. Here in Philadelphia we are supposed to wait one week after the date we recieve unemployment payments, although PUA people is in front of regular UC

      2. I did not receive the first one or the second one let alone the $300. I am in New York

  11. I’m from West Virginia and still haven’t gotten mine. Does anyone know what’s going on. I heard they was sending out paper checks. I’m on The standard unemployment. I applied right after the virus hit but they didn’t have the peuc or exhausted option when I first applied. Please help

  12. Still have not received any benefits from LWA I am Resided in New York and I know I am eligible so Can someone please tell me what is going on this is taking too long and I have many Bills Backed up its giving me the biggest Headache trying to make it…..

    1. Yes I am from NEW YORK and have received messages stating I am preapproved and do not need to take any further action. But not received any payments…

    2. I too have had this problem. I received the email stating that I was going to be getting it. I even received one yesterday stating that I would be getting the payment for this week. I haven’t even gotten last weeks yet.

    3. When you figure it out please let me know. I have not received any yet or the $300

  13. I’m in ny and received the pre approval email on sept 11th that stated I didnt have to do anything but its now Sunday and it hasn’t even been released. Has this happened to anyone else?

    1. i’m in arkansas i’ve recieved 2 $300 payments none of the backpay they’ve promised they still owe me $1200 good luck all god bless you!!

    2. Yes I am also on the same boat as you. I am preapproved and have not received any payment. What is going on?!?

    3. Yes, I’m in Ny too and still no payment after Keybank stating they have fixed their system to continue depositing payments on Sat by 4:30pm

  14. Well a $255 payment deposited Friday but I’ve been in unemployment since April and was under the impression we got pack pay for July 2th through Aug 15th? Of course my first claim ended Aug 1st and they just sent me a new card for my extension so they probably won’t pay me for that week cuz that claim ended despite it still being in that period. I’m guess there’s going to be a lot of crap to cheat people out of money they need. If I don’t get a substantial deposit Monday I’m gonna be pissed.

  15. NEBRASKA -On the site it says that half was paid on 18th, which I received. It says on the 20th we will get the remaining 3. I did not receive it today. Have they started the second payments yet in NEBRASKA?

  16. I’m iin NY, a lot of ppl like myself who had to refile a new claim after 8/16 didnt get it released to our DOL page. We all qualify and are entitled to the money because we meet every requirement. But for some reason if it appeared on an older claim, nothing. NYDOL, please give us our money

    1. Hi Tony I’m in NY and didn’t receive my money. I had to Refile. It’s not in my payment history. I did receive a letter that I’m pre quailifed. Let me know if they give u yours. Thanks Lauren

    2. I didn’t get any email or text I ended up calling to certify on Friday the 18th and I’m hoping it’s not too late for me to get something. I really don’t understand why they didn’t just give us the 600 or extend so we wouldn’t have to go through this craziness people are trying to pay their debts and keep a roof over their heads and this is causing unnecessary headaches at this point. I’m hoping the best for everyone to get what they need.

  17. I’m in Illinois, and received an email two days ago stating the following:
    “Dear Claimant, You are receiving this email because our records indicate that you have received supplemental funding to your unemployment benefit program through the new federal Lost Wages Assistance (LWA) program.”
    I’m set up for direct deposit, and nothing other than my regular weekly payment has been deposited to my account. Do we have to do anything special in IL to get the payment, other than our normal weekly only certification for our regular PUA payment?? Please help. Thanks!

  18. It’s Sunday I haven’t received anything in california and I certify sep 15th Because I’m in phase 2 anyone else

  19. i live in ky. i did my bi weekly last sunday the 13th.after that i had a balance of 0. got back on my dashboard i think thats what they call it.seen where it changed my ui to euc.do i still get lwa.ive been on ui since march 15th ty

  20. I don’t understand why Virginia is taking so long to get our payments out..Virginia has the worse damm Governor. But if it was his home, car ect on the line this would have already been taking care of.. This makes no sense when some states were approved the same time and already got theirs out. I guess those Governor’s cared about their People..

  21. The GDOL plans to begin issuing the final three weeks’ worth of payments for weeks ending 8/22, 8/29, and 9/5 by Saturday 9/19. Payments should be available in the Debit Card or Direct Deposit account 48-72 hours from the payment date shown on My UI portal.

    1. my 2nd round is not even showing up on my ui portal is urs showimg deposit dates?

    2. Im in ga and havent seen my second round on my portal like the first 3 were. my employer files my weekly for me.woulld they have anything to do with this? sorry for no caps.

  22. /Colorado – No mention of the LWA in the PUA dashboard but on the state site we’re told not to certify because we’re already certified by being on PUA. Then they make an announcement that payments went out Friday and Saturday to people who were able to certify on the website. /bigsigh

    1. Hi Fil – I am in Colorado too and doing PUA too (self employed here.) I just did my weekly certification. If you go into your benefits history, you can now see 2 line items for the weeks ending 8/1 through ending 8/15. For example, I qualified for week ending 8/1 and it says what my weekly payout was (already received), now there is a second line item for the same week ending 8/1 and it shows $300 and says “processed.” For Colorado the chart (located in this article) for payout says 9/20 so I am thinking it should get to the bank in the next 2-3 business days. I did notice that I was not paid the $300 for the week ending 9/5 but I think it is because Colorado is sending weeks ending 8/1, 8/5 and 8/15 by 9/20/20 (today) and then starting 9/25/20 they are sending a second round of payments for weeks ending 8/22, 8/29 and 9/5. Here is a 9 news article that talks about the dates –
      https://www.9news.com/article/news/health/coronavirus/colorado-unemployment-number-lwa-issues/73-7b713234-edca-4dbd-9e89-c9864eb22659 Hope this helps! Also, I agree Colorado should have put something on the PUA login page, they put it on the standard unemployment page about LWA benefits, so if you look on there it has an FAQ about the benefits and it says PUA does not have to certify that you automatically qualify.

      1. Hey Jules-Colorado here as well. I did not see the benefit or payment information that says 300 is processing. I’m on the website and logged in but doesn’t say anything. I’m still waiting on my deposit I’m PUA as well and usually I get my DD on Tuesday after certifying Sunday. I don’t certify until this Sunday but worried about my 300 LWA. Need it very bad.

  23. Georgia was supposed to give LWA the end of week by Friday. I have not received it nor has several people who complained on website. There has not been any updates until friday went they said it will be updated but its Sunday morning still no update. There was no reason to divide the payments. They said it will take 2- days when its updated on portal meaning possible 23 Sep. This is another emotional abuse tactic that GA has did to its people. There are several thousand that still are without a initial claim payment since April. Ga administration is sorry as hell!

    1. The GDOL plans to begin issuing the final three weeks’ worth of payments for weeks ending 8/22, 8/29, and 9/5 by Saturday 9/19. Payments should be available in the Debit Card or Direct Deposit account 48-72 hours from the payment date shown on My UI portal.

      1. I live in Georgia the last 3 weeks Of LWA just showed up on my portal to be deposited tomorrow 21st …

    2. I guess we are reading the same thing it did say the final payment would be late thus past week and still nothing I wish they would get it in gear we have bills\rent..

    1. Yes. The first three weeks’ worth of LWA benefit payments were issued to 564,613 claimants and totaled over $463 million. This week’s LWA benefits will be issued for eligible weeks ending August 22, August 29, and September 5.

      The actual payment date will likely be towards the end of September

      1. Ga was suppose to pay this Friday they did not. They said update on Saturday it did not for some. Its Sunday and they still have not update it. This is just shameful and they doing the same thing as Washington another emotional abuse tactic.

      2. this is direct from ga dept labor faq website.
        of which i still haven’t as of this very minute gotten my “2nd” batch.
        gdol says they are having an outtage for “updates” from 9a.m. eastern time to 1p.m. eastern

        Claimants who qualify for the LWA program are issued their first round of supplemental payments when deemed eligible for weeks ending 8/1, 8/8, and 8/15.

        The GDOL plans to begin issuing the final three weeks’ worth of payments for weeks ending 8/22, 8/29, and 9/5 by Saturday 9/19. Payments should be available in the Debit Card or Direct Deposit account 48-72 hours from the payment date shown on My UI portal.

        1. What do it mean when it say Nebraska start date is sep 18 then it say first 3 weeks sep 20th I only receive 300 on the 18th do it mean I get 3 more payments on the 20th ??

      3. Second set just showed up for deposit tomorrow. All people in Ga check UI portal.

    2. I live in atlanta. I haven’t got my second half yet either and not gotten the $300 a week either. But I sure the heck got my property tax bill 2 days ago like clockwork! State of Georgia will never forget about that

    3. Georgia
      It’s 3:15 pm Sunday has anyone seen an update on your UI portal for the 2nd batch of the LWA ?
      In Georgia?

      1. I live in Ga also. Mine just showed up on my UI portal for tomorrow the 21st

  24. I’m in nebraska and ndol I’m approved and today nebr gave out payments of 900 and I haven’t reseaved nothing…I wonder

  25. I certified on 9/14. Was I supposed to get PWA (extra 300 ) or is it deposited into my account separate? Please help

  26. I certified on 9/14. Was I supposed to get PWA (extra 300 ) or is it deposited into my account separate? Please help

  27. Here it is September 19, 2020. I live in New York State and have not received the retroactive payment or additional $300 on my debit card. Why is it taking so long to get either one deposited?

    1. I didn’t receive any email or text from DOL yet I am on UE since this pandemic hit, when I called LWA line to certify I was late because I didn’t certify till September 18th. I’m wondering if I’m going to get it at all if most of NY seems to be having a problem in getting their funds? Inquiring minds want to know

  28. How can ga run out of money when they was givin enough to pay. Unless they payed them selves. I mean really I do not believe that at all.

  29. Today is Saturday the 9-19-2020. I just received my first $300.00 of the LWA I’m phase 2. I certified on tuesday the 15 Sept.

  30. I live in Georgia and received my first three weeks but never got my last three weeks its Saturday and still no sign it doesn’t even have a deposit date for the last three weeks in my UI account. Any updates on Georgia??

  31. I live in NY, I received an email on 9/11 stating that I did not have to do anything to get my LWA and that I was qualified to receive it. NYSDOL still has not processed any of the $300 payments to my UE account. Anyone have any ideas on this? I know of many people that have received it in their bank accounts. Mine is not even showing up on my NYDOL online account.

    1. The same thing is happening to me, I got the pre approval email how ever it’s not in my UI log, did you get any answers?

    2. I am in the same boat. I collect NY benefits, received the text stating I was prequalified, have yet to see it on my N.Y. Unemployment portal nor my bank account. I am confused. I wish you well.

  32. Has anyone from Illinois received the $900 lwa payment for weeks August 16th – September 5th? I received the 1st three weeks but not the last 3 weeks of the six weeks.

  33. Brian in Georgia. Just found out after a lot of research on my own. Georgia ran out of lwa money to pay the final 3 weeks. Wish they could have posted it on their website. got a lot of people’s hopes up for nothing. Thanks georgia.

    1. No way! FEMA approved all states that applied and were approved for the full 6 weeks!!!! I am so sorry Georgia is telling you that. That’s BS! I kinda wish some of us had a state job because I know I’d be pushing payments thru like a mofo. There’s no way anyone who hasn’t struggled could ever understand.

  34. Key bank it’s Saturday 5:45 am what’s going on with my money tell me something

  35. I still have not received my 600$ from March to July but I have received my unemployment starting at the Beginning of august and I have also received my first payment of 300 from ga why haven’t I received my other money from March to July I had to change from the unemployment card to a regular debit that’s when I received in august

  36. Im from Massachusetts regular ui peuc. Its Saturday morning and no payment. Can anyone help

    1. Hi I’m in Georgia as well.I only received half.Maybe tonight or Monday morning.

  37. My name is Bobby I get a $100 a week I stay in mississippi I haven’t received no 300 or back time how can I check on the funds please

  38. I’m GA and received half on Monday. Was hoping later this am ( Saturday) it’ll come through

  39. I am from Michigan and my fiancé and my cousin both have received partial retroactive pay. I have yet to even see mine being processed? Why is this?

  40. Has anyone got this in Massachusetts and how did you certify? I thought it was automatic if you got over 100 for regular unemployment

  41. I know. I’m in KY as well and I know plenty of people who got their first checks monday and tuesday and a few got their second ones today. I draw $132 per week in reg UI and my workplace was shut down by the government. So I know I should qualify but I haben’t received anything!! I’ve called every number and emailed everyone including the govenor starting monday the 14th and noone has got back to me. I’m just afraid if they don’t hurry and fix it that the funds are gonna be gone and I won’t get it. Bullcrap considering none of this is my fault. Please help

  42. Chris if you got an unemployment card that they mailed you try checking that because a lot of people’s went on their unemployment card

  43. I’m in GA. NO second payment…..no explanation on DOL website…..I was able to speak to a DOL agent today who told me she and her colleagues received emails yesterday saying that they were “preparing” to make second round of payments. She was extremely vague when i asked about a date. She said no date was given in the email.

  44. I was Getting Pua over $100 So How Come My payment Hasnt Been Recieved For Ga & I can’t even get in contact with the dol

  45. Check under every tab in your acct. If you have exhausted your regular weeks and now are getting the extension; check under your previous claim for any correspondence or payment status. I was stalking my unemployment acct desperate for a sign of anything and I had an email 13 days old telling me to reply in order for my funds to be released and 2 hours after replying my 1st 3 weeks of LWA was in my acct

    1. I just got of the phone with keybank after being on hold for 2hrs. They said the system is way overwhelmed and its gonna take threw the weekend to process all the payments. Its all just b.s.

      1. Wow. Thanks for sharing…real bummer for those desperate for this payment before the weekend.

      2. I live in New York and I have not gotten any of my retroactive payments. I am getting annoyed with all of this as well.

  46. Chris in New York here, i have a possible solution to this madness… Not sure if the keybank that NY deals with is in another time zone but maybe so. Its very possible they could be 3hrs 2hrs 1hrs behind us. Who knows but its now 6:30 and still no bucks!

  47. They should just give you the 6 weeks not just 3 weeks in nebraska now we don’t know if or when you’ll get the last 3 weeks??

  48. Im in Philadelphia, confused as must of you.
    I found out that i had to log into the regular UC to fill out a form/confirm unemployment even tho i recieve PUA only. Hopefully i get mines soon. Good luck everyone. Be patient and stay strong

  49. I live in nys my money was released yesterday on Thursday September 17th now it Friday an I never received my LWA on seen on Facebook it was a delay with keybank an that we will receive r money by 4:30pm today an it is now 5:39pm an still nothing we’re is my money

    1. I’m having this issue as well. Mine even says it was deposited into my account on the 18th.. still nothing. It’s usually in my account at 10pm wvery Wednesday night.

  50. Im in nys and it says on my ny.gov website its in my account BUT when i try taking money its showing a zero balance. I emailed nysdol and got a response saying friday at 430pm and im clueless to what that is suppose to mean. This all is just b.s. what we all in the world have to go through just to keep ourselves above water. I hope everyone gets their money soon….

    1. Call your bank to check. They may only process in batches. Has to go from key bank to your financial institution who then deposit into your account.

      1. But the bank is key bank we using it’s the card DOL give my friends who got chime n Netspend have they money already it’s almost 6:30 n nothing nys is bugging

  51. After 430pm and still nothing. Has anyone in ny received anything yet please let me know

  52. I’m from Colorado and I know a lot of people were having trouble certifying because the system couldn’t handle the volume and they shut it down. Yesterday they had it back up and running and I was able to be certified with no problems. When can I expect payment not now that I’m certified?

  53. I live in Illinois and I did receive the first three weeks but I’m wondering when will Illinois receive the next three weeks because I noticed that some states actually have dates when to expect the next?

    1. I live in a suburb of Chicago and I too, only received the first three weeks. I hope were going to get the last three weeks

  54. I’m in New York I got the email and text saying that I was preapproved for the (LWA) money .I checked online and there are 3 payments of $300 and it says the release date was the 17th and today is the 18th and I dont have it on my unemployment debit card and it is now 2:00 pm sept.18th.

      1. i did not get my 900 on may card yet put it say on my unemployment it the 17 here is the 18 now money no money

  55. I live in Kentucky And I’ve only gotten a check deposited into my account for $400.00 and that was only for 1 week. And still haven’t received anything for the back payments. I get PUA $412.00 every 2 weeks so what’s going on? Do I need to do anything else to receive my other payments? I’m confused and don’t know what to do, I can’t get a hold of the UI office. And my family is struggling hard. Idk what else to do. PLEASE HELP ME

  56. Ky has sent only 1 payment where is the rest of this. We need more than 400 to pay bills. This is getting ridiculous you cant speak with anyone on the phone you dont have any way of finding out what there plans are so what the hell

    1. Thanks for letting me know. Updated table. Looks like first round/approval for funding for 3 weeks was paid. Remaining should start flowing from next week

      1. The week of July 26th to aug1st is on my last claim so I suspect since they made me get a new card for my ext. that they’re just gonna screw me out if that week

    2. I’m in nebraska been on unemployment since April and all I got was $255 on Friday

  57. I’m in georgia as and only got the first half when will the second half come also I didn’t receive my pua payment this week I usually get on Wednesday I got nothing

    1. I only got the first half as well, on Monday morning, and it states they will be out by the end of the week but it’s Friday afternoon and nothing yet so I don’t know what’s going on? Anyone have any feedback?

      1. Same here in Ga. I’m hoping they are running just a bit behind. Hopefully it updates this weekend. Under my regular UI it has shown Friday for the next deposit the following Monday but a few times it did not update until Sunday. I’m hoping this is the case with the tea 3 weeks.

    2. I’m in Ga also, I got $900 last Monday, it showed pending/processing on Friday Sept 11th and got it Mon the 14th! Now it’s Friday again and nothing has shown for Ga! ‍♀️ Ga did say the end of the week! ‍♀️But I’m assuming it’s gona take more time!

    3. me too still aint no updates I don’t know whats going on cause some people I know got they 900 and they weely pua I and wondering why I didn’t get my weekly pua but on Monday I did got my 900

    1. Correct- See article for latest update. Delays due to Keybank processing. Saying it will be paid later today (after 4:30 EST)

      1. So the delay is coming from the keybank . Is this why I see my money posted online but hasnt gotten put on my unemployment key card?

        1. Exactly. Keybank is processing all payments on behalf of NY DOL. they will send it to your bank/debit card. I would not be shocked if we see more delays…..

    2. I live in pa i still haven’t gotten nothing. Im on pua
      On my dashboard it says in progress plz help

      1. How frustrating, 3:50pm and no funds deposited for NYS. At least, that I know of

    1. Article updated with info – NY DOL confirmed they have released ~$1.9 billion in LWA funds to 2.26 million NYers. But looks like an issue with their processor – KeyBank. Despite assurances their system could handle the load, KeyBank was unable to process payments overnight. KeyBank now says payments have been processed & will reach bank accounts by 4:30PM on Sep 18th at the latest.

  58. they said that they were releasing its September 14th that was Monday 15th 16th 17th 18th it should have been in your account within two or three days now I think New York is what they’re doing is holding it up because now they got six weeks so now they can give it all at one time either that or they waiting for the interest this week all I know is that the people that pay taxes are the ones that are waiting for their money and that isn’t right

  59. Wtf it says my lwa payment was released yesterday and I haven’t received it why is this

    1. I’ve only received the first 3 weeks also from Georgia it’s late Friday night and no sign of the second half that was coming the end of this week !

  60. Why is Arkansas not paying retro weeks? Are they going to continue to just pay weekly?

    1. Did you get your 2nd payment yet? im so confused i keep reading all the articles my 270 went into pending last week on thrus and was available on saturday, so i thought that it would be the same way this week but nothing. nothing is even showing pending. and i couldnt fill out my weekly claim because they had the system down til like 558 and it kicked me out at 6. i saw where were only getting 3 weeks but i just wanna know when ill get the other 2 payments. im on pua

  61. NEWYORK here did not get my 300.00 even though they released it yesterday on the 17th where is it

  62. Do you have any information regarding the payouts for Georgia? I did receive the first three payments last week would like to know when the last three payments are coming through for Georgia
    Thank you!

    1. Georgia says they ran out of funds for the second set of payments don’t know if they’ll get the money and when they’ll pay it out for the second set.

      1. That’s not true. They were funded for 6 weeks. There was an outage today from 9 am to 1 pm which probably is causing a delay. If you don’t have a valid source or link please don’t post false information. We all need this money desperately & last thing we want to hear is there is not funding!

  63. It is 11:15 a.m on the 18th of September in NY and I havent received any extra money beyond my normal unemployment. Where or when is it coming?

  64. NYS has already started paying out LWA on the 14th, I received an email stating I was pre-approved, it is now the 19th. Has anyone in NYS received their funds?

    1. I still haven’t received my money yet it’s Saturday 5:09. Pm wtf did u get it’s yet

  65. Unemployment account said released 3 weeks $300 for NYS on 9/17 , but still not seeing it on bank account as of 9/18 morning

  66. in ny it is already 10:30am and haven’t receive any payment in my unemployment debit card and DOL said that begin making payment by Sept. 14 which some people saying that would be in my debit card by today, Sept. 18 and nothing happened it yet. Why and when I shall be receiving it? Since I haven’t get any updates text or email from DOL NY.

  67. Ny shows they released payment yesterday but I only received my regular unemoloyment today by direct deposit still no 300 for last 3 weeks even though it shows they sent payment

  68. Colorado is the same way. I figured they would come up with something to delay paying and they did. Oh the virtual assistant got overworked. Give me a break.

  69. I pre qualified for the 300 and still have not seen a dime. NY said by Friday, but thats today and still nothing..

  70. It’s ridiculous that published reports said that NYS would begin payments on 9/14, payments were released on 9/17.
    Now in the article above the mention that these payments are not like traditional UI and PU Benefits, they may take several days to post to your account.
    This is B******t.

  71. I live in the state of Illinois. They said they started paying the LWA payments on September 8th. They also state that the PUA payments would start on the September 13th. I typically receive my PUA payment on every Wednesday. I certify on Sunday, the following Wednesday I get the payment. I certified on the 13th, and I should have received the LWA payment along with my PUA payment (per Illinois unemployment dashboard) on September 16th. It’s now the 18th and I have received no LWA payment at all. Just by regular PUA. When will I receive my LWA payment? I’m in dire need of it. Thank you for your time in consideration.

    1. I live in the Chicago, IL area and I have only received the first three weeks. There is no mention of the last three weeks at all.

  72. Was email by ÑYDOl. that is was preapproval for the LWa 300 for 2 9 and 16 have not. yet tecrive anything in my acct
    It is añready the 18th. Why have i not seen anything in my account?

  73. New York has not been paid yet and it’s already about to be 5a.m. And it says they released it yesterday

    1. I hear that. It’s noon and nothing yet. It said released yesterday and apparently no one has gotten it yet today.

  74. Nebraska has started paying my husband has received half of the 6 weeks payment today

    1. Thanks for letting me know. Updated table. Looks like first round/approval for funding for 3 weeks was paid. Remaining should start flowing from next week

  75. Why is Va holding the payments it’s not right did you have to get a text to get it?

  76. Virigina is bull s**t thry can release the funds they holding it like its there to profit off it

    1. Do you have to get a text message to get it? and we were approved August 26 and all these other states after us already getting paid !!!

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