Where is My PUA Payment and When Will I Get it in My Bank Account or Unemployment Debit Card – Will This Include Back Dated Payments?


This article was last updated on February 10

I have been getting lots of questions and comments around the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) program and delays many unemployed Americans are experiencing getting their benefit payments, especially the new 11-week extension that is now in place. Here is some more background and some possible reasons for the delayed payments, especially around those getting paid via Debit Cards. Please review the comments for more stories or leave one to share your story.

2021 PUA Extension under COVID relief Stimulus bill

The PUA program was originally funded under the CARES Act for 39 weeks, and was due to expire on December 26th 2020. As part of the CAA COVID Relief Bill the PUA program received an extra 11 weeks of federal funding. This now means that the PUA program would provide a total of at least 50 weeks of coverage for eligible claimants. This does not include weeks in some states on top of this as part of state high unemployment extended benefit programs. You can see more around the extension in this PUA overview article.

The additional funding extension however only covers payments from the week ending January 2nd, 2021 to April 10th, 2021 (no new claims after March 14th). This means retroactive payments for this extension would only apply to the week ending January 2nd. So those who missed weeks or exhausted their balances prior to the week ending December 26th/27th 2020 would be able to claim the extra 11 weeks (if eligible) going forward, but would not get retroactive payments for weeks prior to the start of the extension period.

For those with remaining weeks, they will continue to be have these going forward until they hit the new 50 week maximum (plus state extended benefits).

Slow Rollout of Extra 11-weeks for PUA in 2021

As with prior programs the rollout of the 11-week extension for the PUA program has been painfully slow in many states. Especially for those who had exhausted their benefits. I discussed this PUA video and as of mid-February only about 60% of states are paying PUA benefits to new and exhausted claimants (New Jersey and Wisconsin are among the most delayed). There is not much do to and despite the frustration and having to live on the edge of poverty, you will just have to wait for your state to update their UI systems so you can file claims for getting your current and retroactive payments.

PUA Payments Will STOP if You Are or Were Eligible for PEUC

One reason why some unemployment claimants are seeing their payments stop is because Claimants currently receiving PUA benefits who previously exhausted PEUC benefits may only collect PUA if they have exhausted any entitlement to PEUC. Because the Continued Assistance Act also increased the maximum amount of benefits available under the PEUC program, claimants actively filing for PUA with a previous PEUC claim are no longer eligible to receive PUA.

So if your PUA claim stopped suddenly or has gone to zero balance, this is why! You need to file a PEUC claim to get the 11-weeks, if your state UI agency hasn’t already notified you to do so.

When will I get my PUA unemployment benefit and any back dated payments (including the $300 weekly FPUC)?

Given the unprecedented spike in unemployment it is taking several weeks in most states to process PUA UI claims. In some states like California and Florida it is taking up to 6 weeks to process PUA unemployment claims due to the massive spike in applications. This does not include claims where additional verification or issues are found, which can add several more weeks. However once the claim is approved, claimants should get their regular payment within a week and any retroactive/lump sum payments 5 to 7 days after that (assuming they are eligible). This includes back dated PUA and the weekly FPUC payment.

PUA claimants who correctly file their weekly certification will get payment within three business days in line with their state’s UI payment schedule – weekly or bi-weekly. In many states backdated PUA and other enhanced UI benefit payments will be automatically paid shortly after the first PUA payment (assuming claimant is eligible), but in several states (e.g PA) individuals will also be asked to file separately for backdated claims for previous eligible weeks. It may take two to three weeks to receive these back dated payments.

Why am I not seeing my unemployment paid on my debit card?

Most states allow eligible claimants to receive unemployment benefit payments either by debit card or direct deposit. Paper checks are an option, but not recommended due to the long payment processing times. Direct deposit is the fastest payment option, but lots of people who may not have ready access to an active bank account or for other financial reasons prefer to receive their unemployment benefits via a state UI agency provided debit card.

A debit card is administered by a financial institution on behalf of the state unemployment agency, and each state has its own vendor, so generally UI payments on debit cards take one to two days longer to process than direct deposit UI payments. The first UI payment on your debit card can take even longer since it has to be mailed out to you. Other than payment processing delays, other reasons people don’t see their UI payments as expected are due to

  • Your debit card has expired (most have a three year validity term), which means you will need to request a replacement card from your state UI agency. This may require a small payment. Also note if your continuing claim was denied you may not be able to request a new debit card.
  • Fraudulent activity is suspected on your UI account or debit card. You will have to request a new card in this event that could delay your weekly or bi-weekly unemployment payment.
  • Weekly certifications MUST be filed every week to continue receiving payments whether via direct deposit or on a state debit card. So if you forgot to certify or had issues with your certification for a given week, your UI payment could be delayed.

269 thoughts on “Where is My PUA Payment and When Will I Get it in My Bank Account or Unemployment Debit Card – Will This Include Back Dated Payments?

    1. I didn’t get pay on Wednesday like i usually do instead it hit my account thursday but im confused because when i check the balance online it shows that i was paid but when i call it in it says i don’t have the funds

      1. I got a deposit date of 3/19/21 after waiting for months but deposit has not hit my account. I also changed my method of payment months ago to Wells Fargo but now GDOL says I get my deposits on debit card they issued me in the beginning the Go Program. So I do not know if I will finally get a deposit and I do not know where it will go. I just hope the money is finally deposited, I feel it will since I do have deposit dates on current payment and back pay. I just have no trust in GDOL

        1. I wonder where all that money is sitting and who is earning interest on it while the States take their time updating their systems???

      2. I have the same happening ,I usually receive my deposit on tuesdays ,when I go into my pua acct they all say paid ,all weeks except for 1,the last one says payment in progress, when I go into my card account the money that says paid is not in my bank account . Just hope its waiting for this last one to go thru and hopefully have all the money today like I usually would if it wasnt for the extension .

    2. I should get 3 weeks and I haven’t received the first payment and can’t talk to no one. So I dont know what to do….plz if anyone could give me some info i would appreciate it

      1. All it is a waiting game. Same thing had happened to me. But couple weeks later they sent out checks for the 3 weeks that I didn’t get paid for.

    3. I got a deposit date of 3/19/21 after waiting for months but deposit has not hit my account. I also changed my method of payment months ago to Wells Fargo but now GDOL says I get my deposits on debit card they issued me in the beginning the Go Program. So I do not know if I will finally get a deposit and I do not know where it will go. I just hope the money is finally deposited, I feel it will since I do have deposit dates on current payment and back pay. I just have no trust in GDOL

    4. Yup it’s Thursday morning bro and I usually receive it Wednesday here in Pittsburgh PA

  1. Been waiting since last Feb still no payment in account, they must get someone in their to run that place with some BRAINS

    1. Don’t feel bad Greg I’ve back dated my PUA to June 1st and still haven’t received a single dollar. I call everyday but still nothing.

      1. Rogelio, i filed my PUA claim as you did back in June 2020. Still not a dime. Im trying to figure though, did we lose out on all of the extra Federal money that was available to us had our claims been processed in a more timely matter, or will we still get that money also when our claims are finally paid. if we were eligible at the time we filed, it wouldn’t be right for us to lose it because our government took so long to process the claim. Do you have any knowledge about this.

      2. I filed UI and got denied so they said file for PUA back in November. I have never received any payments despite all issues have been cleared on my claim. I am in Indiana.

      3. I am in the same boat over 7,000 owed to me and I haven’t received a single payment :(

    2. Man I am really really sorry y’all!!! I feel fir everyone who hasn’t received anything as we all are really struggling!!!!! I guess n believe it jus depends a lot on wat state ur in!!! I first applied fir PUA back on 8/9/20 n received my benefits n all back pay within a week!!!!! I jus recently re-applied fir PUA on 2/15/21 as I worked the last 2 months of 2020!!! But I jus applied again, and within 3-4 days I received my benefits along with backpay starting from 1/4/21!!!!! I have not had to submit any kind of documents of any sort, haven’t had to do much really besides jus apply n certify weekly n have received my all my payments without no problems wat so ever!!!!! I know many people whose case is not da same n I guess I jus got really lucky n blessed!!!!! I’m in New Mexico BTW!!!!! Hope y’all receive somethin hell of a lot sooner rather than later!!!!!! N God Bless All keep ur head up n stay strong y’all don’t give up!!!!!!!

      1. Dude how to you get back pay like i just signed up last week so this is the first week I’ve been able to claim but I haven’t been working or receiving my normal pay since the beginning of the year but I didn’t see anywhere where I could claim previous weeks other than the week that just ended

      2. I agree with you, I cant believe some of the stories I am reading here and how some havent received a dime yet and it’s been a year. I was one of the lucky ones like you , last year i filed for regular unemployment and they denied me ,then someone told me about PUA so I gave it a shot. got approved right away had one small issue with the identity so they put a lock on my account but that was fixed in fairly well timely manner, so when they finally unlocked my account I got retroactive from the 1st day this was available .I couldnt believe it .what i did was i went right to the bank they deposited the money in and withdrew every cent and put it into my regular account, because I was hearing horror stories on the debit card from unemployment the one they send you ,I heard they were locking accounts and denying access to the money so i didnt want any problems. Now I’m currently waiting for the extra 300 retroactive to be deposited, on my ui account where u claim every week ,all weeks say paid going back to January 2nd it shows a 300 adjustment but it hasnt been deposited in my regular bank account so I am getting a little worried ,just wanted to see if anyone else has this going on or has info on when I will have access to the money ? Good luck to all and I hope you all get all the money your supposed to get. I wish I could help all of you . So sorry u all had to or still are waiting for your money .keep fighting call every day .

    3. I haven’t gotten a payment in 11 weeks
      I have no idea what’s going on and been trying everyday some days I skipped but I been trying to get ahold of the vec call center ! Idk what to do at this point

      1. Let me know if you have any update on this I applied for unemployment and got denied and applied for pua and it has been 8 weeks and have not received anything. Nobody answers the phones, responds to emails.

        1. I got thru to someone thru ur personal ui portal, when u log in to check the status of your acct go to the little robot guy top right of your screen, type the question or problem n the robot will try to answer ,then underneath his answer it will say the robots answer didnt make sense ,it will now ask u if u want to speak to a customer service tech you answer yes then it will ask u again what’s the issue then u press whatever language u use n it will tell u a time approx of how long u have to wait to speak to a live person ,its not long at all I waited maybe 5 min dont back out of screen at all tho ,u will then hopefully get the answers u were waiting on. EVERYONE ON PUA SHUD DO THIS ITS THE ONLY WAY TO SPEAK TO A LIVE AGENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOPE THIS HELPS GOOD LUCK.KEEP US POSTED PLEASE, oh n they told me it wasnt them ,they said they definitely paid thru the system so now it’s all on the banks side that i use n I’m trying to get a hold of them which is another joke

  2. My claim status had 2 weeks of benefits that says payment was issued on the 9th. Yet BofA tells me I still have no pending transactions. The website says to contact the bank which I have 3 times and the bank says to contact unemployment. Which we all no it says all agents are busy and the que is full and to call back later and it dont matter how many times u call or how early u start trying u will never get thru to anyone. PERIOD. So wth r we supposed to do???!!!

  3. My puasas paid and is backdated back to November, but it said February 8 date paid for all of them, but it’s only February 6. I’ve got direct deposit. No money in bank yet, not that I expected there to be
    Has anyone else had this happen?

    1. I am sort of having that problem ,I am in mass I have pua ,when I go onto the online pua into my account it says all weeks from January 2nd have been approved and status went from saying payment in progress to all saying paid. So I went into my bank account ( debit card ) where I receive all my weekly unemployment, and my bank account does not show all the backpay on there . I have been reading alot of articles regarding the status of payment ,and from what I gather ,after it says paid it may take a couple more days to go into your account on debit card. So hopefully within the next couple of days it will be there but they make it so confusing, I know they are beyond busy with all the new laws and processing new and old applicants but they should have been more prepared ,they new it was coming . Anyway I will keep in touch and let u know how long it takes for the money to actually be in my bank account just so I can try to help you .good luck

  4. OK so when I go on my PUA portal it tells me that the money backdated from January 2 all way to January 30 was approved and that the check disbursement was on 4 of February So I called my card that I got from the PUA and they’re still no money there can someone please tell me what is the process after this

    1. I’m waiting on this as well ,all my weeks for the extra 300 have been adjusted in my UI portal backdated to January 2nd, they all are approved and all say paid ,but when I go into my bank account its not there yet. I did read some articles that said the retroactive lump sums should be deposited and available with this weeks regular unemployment deposit . Hope this helped ya a little . You should be able to see it in this weeks deposit into your account. From everything I have read that’s what I get out of it . So I hope you get it .

  5. I’m still waiting on 2 weeks and 4 days for PUA from 7-21-2020 – thru – 8-7-2020. I’ve called ODJFS over 25 times and keep getting the same story. If they have hired all of the extra help they say they have, then there should be no problem getting folks payment s out to them. It makes me wonder what do these people do all day at these office’s? So in 2 days, I’m going on 6 months and no payments. Unreal!

    1. Mine has been since 10-24-2020 no money. I had a friend tell me to take it to an Appeal. Costs nothing and all your funds are released.

  6. My claims say payment processed and I was suppose to receive 432 for 5 weeks so far and I’ve only received 492.00 ..where is the rest of my money

    1. I haven’t gotten any of mine it said that I got 475 Times five and that the checks were disbursed on February 4 but I still haven’t received anything on the reliacard

      1. the me with me, claims went through but no money , did you get anything yet?

    2. Process don’t mean yur money there it got be date when tha paid Yu like mine said process now it’s says tha date tha paid me ..

  7. I filed this week and still didn’t get my payment. I usually get it on Tuesday if I file on Monday and all my recent claim says is submitted. It’s been saying that since Sunday does anyone know when I should be getting my payment?

    1. Hey, I also filed for my extended PUA benefits on January 31st. And like you my money is still not in my account.. I got a hold of the VEC and they said that they are waiting for the funds to be released from the state. I haven’t had any money since December 14th….

      1. How did you get ahold of VEC? I keep calling and calling but I never get through.

      2. I have pua up untill December 27th then it stopped when I get on my pua it says from week 39 till 50 not entitled and to try to enroll in puec or regular unemployment, I had regular unemployment from March 2020 untill July 25 th 2020, then I went pua July 25 th untill December 27 the aren’t I eligible for the new bill that Trump signed in late December? I have uploaded several documents like my tax return id front and back social security card bank card my face with my id bank card and social all that they say in supposed to get a email. With a link to go to uidentify why haven’t I gotten a email and Am I screwed untill they send me the email? I know a few people that didn’t do anything and they got paid this past week multiple payments can you give me some input on what all I need to do this is getting rediculous

        1. I just got that email for verification. I applied on 1/10/21 and randomly I got that event though I had already uploaded it as a document in my dashboard (on their website) then I got that email in my dashboard “messages”). I clicked the link and completed it. Within a week it said my first payment had been sent. I waited a week for that in came in the mail in check. It was just for the weeks I had filed to that date. I haven’t gotten anything after that and I’ve filed another two weeks since. I don’t know why it came in a check because I requested direct deposit. I keep checking my bank account and nothing! I will try my best to keep you updated because I know how frustrating this can be! Just wait for that email. You will get it I promise. It depends a lot on the state you’re in too. What state are you in? I am in PA.

        2. I tried to do the pua and says my passwords dont match. They need me to identify myself. Then says I had to report identity theft. Our police dept sucks. I received my biweekly and did nothing else for pua but received payments. So do we have to do weekly certs or not. They can stop all of our payments whenever they feel like it.

      3. Do it got date on when tha depot tha money if so it only take 2-3 days to be on yur card

        1. On mines it says I was paid on the 18 of this month be nothing

      1. Hi… Mines say it was paid on 3/1 but nothing is on my card?’??? Plzzz reply

  8. I am going on 43 weeks with out a PUA payment. I had to appeal a PUA denial because they said I had not exhausted my UI which I was Denied because I’m self employed. I won my appeal but now they have been saying for over a month that they do not have the people to enter it in the system .

  9. I feel ya! If your in GA there is a new GDOL entry to make and appointment. However; to apply the window is open from 8am to 9am. Monday morning only! If done by phone or computer, keep clicking until the website moves,you can start over. But; remember time is of essence.
    P.S. GDOL they really are busy! All the best!

  10. You have to go back into. Claim each individual week the process is tediously annoying but then u will be able to receive checks for missing weeks back date claiming of your weeks jeesh people read …..

    1. I did all that, everything every one of you nice folks who can’t seem to speak proper english are suggesting, and still nothing for me… I know heroine addicts who have never had jobs that have gotten there’s, and I have been waiting to get paid all the way back to the start of the pandemic, I filed last year, the site says my claim was approved for 10000 and it says my claim is exhausted and I haven’t gotten a dime and I’m really starting to wonder what is going on here, it’s like a bad joke. you can’t get ahold of anyone, they don’t answer their emails, the website is useless, the phones are useless and nobody tells you anything… it feels like getting singled out, I haven’t trusted this situation from the start of it, and something isn’t right. we can read, don’t worry.

  11. I have a back dated claim clear back to February. I have yet to receive a dime. When I call they say there are no issues and can’t say when the button will be pushed to pay me. “Just be patient”. No wonder so many Americans are losing everything they worked so hard for. My daughter filed less than 2 months ago and has already been paid! If their is no issues with my claim then why am I not getting paid? SMH

    1. There is hope Deb. I filed back in April, kept filing weekly and just got an update that I was getting paid (back to when I filed). They did need me to send a copy of my ID docs (drivers license, SS card and proof of address) so make sure to look out for an email requesting these docs, I only had 48 hours to respond. It was impossible to get through by phone all those months. I did send several emails through the system and this was my first response. Keep submitting your weekly claim and I would email as well. All the best and hope it goes through soon. Take care. Cindy

      1. Call at 8:14 am press 1….3…..2… Good luck in reaching. Make sure you press 2 at 15 after 8

    2. Deb, my neighbor had similar problem. She contaced MARYLAND TV NEWS (you know the “Fix your Problem” segment they do — IT WORKED for her! After waiting for 25 weeks (this was last year) she was paid days later. Seemed they had TWO applications and they were cancelling each other out or something. Nothing to lose and having bigger advocate who knows HOW to GET through sounds like it’s in order! Good luck!

    3. My roommate has certifications all the way back to 2-4-20 and still hasn’t received a penny. I told her to keep trying to call but here in TN it is extremely hard to get a live person.
      Mine on the other hand. I was almost out of benefits (I had only worked little amount due to an injury) so I just quit certifying in June Never had to use UI before so I Didn’t understand how extended works. But in December I heard about extending benefits and I applied again. The odd thing is I received a message from them saying they adjusted my benefits in September from me not certifying $0per week adjusted to State $128 and the other $300 both so $428 showed it was paid also. I never received any of it.
      Now it doesn’t show up on claim summary at all

  12. Hello I’m from NJ. I CLAIMED 59 weeks. I refiled and was told that I didn’t have enough base weeks to claim. Right before that a paper came saying I still had about $2000. To claim. Is there anymore benefits I can claim?

  13. Hey you guys, I’ve had similar issues like some of yous, at this point I will says that PUA, in PA at least is currently suspended I believe. I could be wrong. But I got an email 10/13/20 saying my PUA is suspended until I verify my identity through their new verifier which is iD.me through L&I. They said they paid me 10/29/20 & I’m set up for direct deposit and still have yet to see anything in my account. Forgot to mention I verified my identity 11/30/2020 and still haven’t heard anything from them. I seen the message in my portable about my PUA being suspend late because eventually I stopped filing prior to seeing the message because I seen no payments. Hope this help someone.

    1. Hi su I’m currently in the same situation so I originally filed my unemployment claim September 28th 2020 but nothing happened no money or anything. So I checked on Twitter,and I too had to verify my identity through the verify ID me app. once I completed my identity process they gave me a payment date of November 30th and I already had direct deposit setup ..no money came through.
      I kept applying and recertifying every week and trying to call the forever busy number. Then once my open issues went awat, out of nowhere they established a debit card for me so now I have the debit card . but only two of the 12 payments were released. One for 12/16 and 12/17 and that’s not even including my back pay.I sent in an email requesting my back pay but nothing happened. But there’s more, the other 10 payments say paid out pay date and payment number but nothing came.

  14. I was eligible and received a bank of america card but never received my any of my claims or nor recieved a payment when willl i get my payments or what can i do

    1. I received my first letter of determination (Financially eligible) from DETR (State of NV) 7/13/2020, I then received an internal email to upload all documentation, 1099-MISC (2019), Nev DL (Front/Back), SS card(Front/Back) Bank Statement active for Direct Deposit (Routing number/Account number) called numerous times to PUA Call Center Div, they stated ‘Direct Deposit’ should be coming soon, check to Bank Account. 2-3 months went bye, and I contacted the Adjudication Div, C.S. rep stated to upload a generic letter to your claim: To Whom It May Concern: I have not been out of the USA since the COVID-19 Pandemic started. She also stated that my NV DL should match the address of my Summary Claim and all other documentation. I uploaded this DL with matching address (Front/Back) recently, then two days later received an email and internal email document, received my second letter of determination (Financially eligible) from DETR dated 11/26/2020, and Available Credits and Claim Benefit Balance increased..But still haven’t received any payments. No Outstanding Issues on Claim-Claim Status: Regular Active.. Any Advice??

      1. Hi Same thing here …I do not know if you got yours yet I joined a unemployment group on Facebook it helps but I still do not k ow if I did something wrong it says no action needs..Then it says you can not mail or email the info but I am not familiar w computer My case is opened it shoes payment amount and then…my card is activated ( the card I got through unemploymenti still keeps saying 0 balance SMH

        1. Son applied for regular UI we knew that would be denied he did get accepted thru pua will funds go to the gov2card that ui initially sent him?

    2. I am also in the same position as Ciara. I have yet to receive any payment of any kind I have been filing my weekly certifications on time and am still waiting.
      Please help me. It’s almost Christmas for goodness sake!

      1. For the pua you had to recertify I recertified for the lwa where do I certify for this pua they’ve already sent me a letter saying that it’s in process but I know nothing about applying for certification could someone tell me where I go to I’m here in Kansas City Kansas

  15. Last payment I received was 7/13. I just cleared up my verification and it says I was supposed to be paid 11/25. I have not seen anything in my account. What is going on?

  16. I filed in February Identified myself through the app they assigned me and still haven’t heard from anyone. When I called they said there was nothing else they needed from me so I have been playing the waiting game. I haven’t received anything at this time why?

    1. same here ive been waiting since march had to do fact finder on sep 21st and hear it is end of december and the only thing they can tell me is that the appeal department is still waiting to look at my documents come on now 3 months to look at documents

    1. I’ve been wanting since 5/3/20 in Georgia it’s over December 31 so I guess we are going to be screwed over because you don’t get your payments due to you by December 31 we will never get are pua approved payments. Funny thing is I know people who have never worked filed and within 3 days they had 12,000 in hand.

  17. Waiting on back time of bout 10,000 wba of 195.00 from PA i was approved5/7/2020.

  18. Hi i was wondering if any one has had this problem i went to a hearing to have my documents checked everything was good the day of hearing my status went from denied to processing but its been processing for four weeks now every time i call they are saying its alot of checks being processed is the hold up i dont know im gonna call back tomorrow

    1. I filed dec 6th and it was 3 weeks and i got 189 for one week 189 for another week nothing else.I dont know how these ppl get paid for the months before? All I have got so far is around379 which will help some but not much.But it only took less than 3 weeks to get that.

  19. I filed for my pua in june or july I got my letter saying i was approved and how much I should be receiving. I checked my payment history only 5 of my claims have a payment ID number in blue and a payout date of 10/06/20. my payment status is blank but it says it was uploaded on my state issued card. But there is nothing on or pending on my card does anyone know what’s going on??

    1. What happened have you received anything mines give me a payment date but I got my card today and it’s $0.00 on there

      1. O switched to relia card for my unempyment in ohis and 3 weeks have been paid but nothing on my car. Relia card says they see no deposits yet unemploymebt says they’ve been deposited to my card. Countless hours on the phone back and forth and no resolution. They tell me to wait yet if it was their money they wldnt wait..not this long.

  20. I was wondering like I got a letter saying how much i have made and that i am eligible for up to 39 weeks of payments for 191.00 a week and i also recieved my card but when i look at my myportal it just says my claim start date is june and for the 191.00 a week .so im wondering did i even get approved? I mean would i get a card and would it say i was eligible for the 191 aweek if they didnt approve me? Im just wondering if im approved. .

    1. I got an email saying that as well yes I are approved that’s what I was told but I wanna know how long before a deposit is made

    2. You are not necessarily approved. They determined you financially eligible so you may start to file every week but it could still be a long while


  21. Filed mine and back dated ones.. all weeks i could.. and that was starting on august 1st when i applyd.. instantly got appoved for claim.. now 2+ months later havent recieved a PENNY.. and am about to default all my bills.. Ridiculous.. stressed af.. good ole merica screwing us again

    1. I’ve been waiting 3 months for my back pay for all of July and all of August it shows that I’ve been payed why have not recived it yet

    2. I just started receiving my PUA no monies from August 1,2020-September 28,2020 only received 3 PUA payment Also, I only received one $300.00 check
      When will I be receiving the backlogged pay.. my claim is start date 06/28/2020 to expiration 07/04/2020 I have started getting my weekly pay but only 3

    3. Hi i applieed 2 months ago and have not received money on card yet.Do u know when???

  22. Started PUA in April…. it is not almost mid October; still nothing. (MA)
    I submitted all the same information I gave to the RMV in order to get a ‘Real ID’, and they told me they still could not confirm my identity… even though I’m on their medical plan and have received tax returns from them this year.

    I appealed in August after they said they couldn’t confirm my identify, and still no response as of Oct 11th.
    Called up and said it could take 8 to 12 weeks. All I need to do is pass them over maybe one more document to get this going… but they rather make this drag on.

    In the meantime they sent me a letter saying not to apply to Regular Unemployment, directly followed by a line saying to apply for regular employment and even gave me a link.

    Everything is so screwed up.. and I’m on the edge of having to get food stamps… which I may be denied for as well since they’re having such a hard time confirming who I am… while at the same time other parts of the government have validated me completly.

    I’ll be either in a homeless shelter on the streets if this ends up taking much longer. Someone was nice enough to left me star after I lost my last place due to non-payment during covid, and since this current sitation has no lease involved… I could go at any time.

    The worse part of it is… my co workers already were getting money back in March, and signed up later than I did.

    1. Hello, I’m also in Ma. I filed for my appeal back in June (beginning) and didn’t receive my hearing date until this month (Oct.6). Probably not what you want to hear, since its only been about 2 mths since you requested, however, they could, by now be scheduling hearings a bit quicker.? Mine was also due to identity verification. I did receive my approval yesterday, exactly a week after my hearing and all my weeks filed are processing for payment. So hope you get your hearing date soon. Also, you will hear nothing in the meantime, feeling like they may have forgotten you. Also keep an eye on your account frequently, at the end of July I received a letter along with a new link for the opportunity to resend verification of identity and only gave 5 days to respond. If you didn’t respond, then said continue to wait for hearing date, however, IF they deny the documents you DO SEND, you have to REAPPLY for the appeal again, and the wait starts all over again and the time you have waited already, is voided! SO, IF you DO get that option, DO NOT RESEND THE SAME DOCUMENTS THAT THEY’VE ALREADY DENIED. MAKE SURE YOU KNOW THE EXACT REASON IT WASN’T ACCEPTED! GOOD LUCK!

    2. And whatever you do, DO NOT APPLY FOR REGULAR UNEMPLOYMENT REGARDLESS OF ANY LETTER YOU GOT. You are eligible for pua, otherwise you wouldn’t have gotten as far as filing for an appeal! You will cause a whole lot of delays and denials if you now apply for regular unemployment!

    3. don’t feel bad I helped several people including myself sign up for the pua as the covid has damn near affected us all in one way or another,and they put us all under investigation,smh,damn shame!!

      1. Can someone help me please I’ve done did everything thing they ask me to do upload everything they needed and my stuff still cut off what can I do can someone help me out I been cut off this pua crap every secen may helllllllllllp.

        1. You can refile for a new claim be-warned.. if they find you have lied on the Application you can go to Prison. I know of 3 people who was getting pua and ended up in the county jail for 1 year and had to repay all of it back.

    4. Hey, Did you check
      On your dashboard message center for any messages? My initial claim for PUA was in March 2020, I was still doing my weekly certification up until july or August and then then just stopped because I have yet to receive any payment, though I was approved. I sent my license in as a identification document. Here I am, logged back in Dec 2020 and notice a new message that was sent oct 12th,2020 saying I had to verify my identity for suspicion of fraud through this new thing called I.d me that’s works with L&I so my claim is suspended until verification. So I verified my identity, now I’m just waiting. Also, on my claim it says a pay date October 29th for a few weeks but I do not know where that money is.

    5. The problem is theivery from the companies who were put in charge to handle this in first place and whatever department is in charge. Everyone has their hands in the federal money. The people is was set up for have to suffer!

    6. I mailed them a copy of my id a copy of my ss card a copy of two pieces of mail with my address 2 weeks later it was approved i only got 289 for 2 weeks no backpay so far but the whole process has taken around 18 days

  23. It will come, watch pending issues or (adjudication) , be patient, if you haven’t received and correspondence requiring additional verification, you are fine, I live in Ohio and it took 9 weeks before my pending issues cleared up, quite often pending issues doesn’t mean that something is wrong , simply that they are getting around to your claim. Your (final) approval will come in the form of an email stating that you have met all of the requirements.

    1. Hey, oddly i filed over 2 months ago got approved.. and they still havent payed me.. yet also havent asked for any additional paperwork.. i called and automated system says they are only taking calls for new claims not existing ones loool.. i dont know what to do.. guessing they are just taking forever to het to my claim idk

    2. Filed four weeks ago, still file weekly claims and haven’t heard anything. Still says being reviewed. Live in Kansas.

    3. Hey I’min Michigan I’ve been waiting almost 4 months ‍♀️ I’ve uploaded everything all my documents still nothing but it’s under manager review

    4. So once they give you a date for payment did it come after that date? They gave me a date for 2/16/2021 but no payment I’m just curious? I’m in Ohio too

      1. Did you ever receive your payment? Mine says February 19, 2021. I’m in GA when I checked my account there was no money and no pending transaction

        1. Same in (CM.) Iowa they said they give it out…butt have not!!

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