Where is My PUA Payment and When Will I Get it in My Bank Account or Unemployment Debit Card – Will This Include Back Dated Payments?


This article was last updated on December 26

I have been getting lots of questions and comments around Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) Payments and delays many unemployed Americans are experiencing getting their PUA payment. You can see more about the PUA program here, but here are some possible reasons for the delayed payments, especially around those getting paid via Debit Cards.

2021 PUA Extension under COVID relief Stimulus bill

You can see more around the extension in this article, but in summary the PUA program, which was due to expire on December 26th 2020, now has an extra 11 weeks of funding until March 14th, 2021. This now means that the PUA program would provide a total of 50 weeks of coverage. This does not include weeks in some states on top of this as part of state extended benefit programs. The additional funding extension also means that claims would be retroactively covered for those who missed weeks or exhausted their balances prior to December 26th. For those with remaining weeks, they will continue to be have these going forward until they hit the new 50 week maximum (plus state extended benefits).

When will I get my PUA unemployment benefit and any back dated payments (including the $600 weekly FPUC)?

Given the unprecedented spike in unemployment it is taking several weeks in most states to process UI claims. In some states like California and Florida it is taking up to 6 weeks to process PUA unemployment claims due to the massive spike in applications. This does not include claims where additional verification or issues are found, which can add several more weeks. However once the claim is approved, claimants should get their regular payment within a week and any retroactive/lump sum payments 5 to 7 days after that (assuming they are eligible). This includes back dated PUA and the $600 FPUC payment.

PUA claimants who correctly file their weekly certification will get payment within three business days in line with their state’s UI payment schedule – weekly or bi-weekly. In many states backdated PUA and other enhanced UI benefit payments will be automatically paid shortly after the first PUA payment (assuming claimant is eligible), but in several states (e.g PA) individuals will also be asked to file separately for backdated claims for previous eligible weeks. It may take two to three weeks to receive these back dated payments.

Why am I not seeing my unemployment paid on my debit card?

Most states allow eligible claimants to receive unemployment benefit payments either by debit card or direct deposit. Paper checks are an option, but not recommended due to the long payment processing times. Direct deposit is the fastest payment option, but lots of people who may not have ready access to an active bank account or for other financial reasons prefer to receive their unemployment benefits via a state UI agency provided debit card.

A debit card is administered by a financial institution on behalf of the state unemployment agency, and each state has its own vendor, so generally UI payments on debit cards take one to two days longer to process than direct deposit UI payments. The first UI payment on your debit card can take even longer since it has to be mailed out to you. Other than payment processing delays, other reasons people don’t see their UI payments as expected are due to

  • Your debit card has expired (most have a three year validity term), which means you will need to request a replacement card from your state UI agency. This may require a small payment. Also note if your continuing claim was denied you may not be able to request a new debit card.
  • Fraudulent activity is suspected on your UI account or debit card. You will have to request a new card in this event that could delay your weekly or bi-weekly unemployment payment.
  • Weekly certifications MUST be filed every week to continue receiving payments whether via direct deposit or on a state debit card. So if you forgot to certify or had issues with your certification for a given week, your UI payment could be delayed.

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208 thoughts on “Where is My PUA Payment and When Will I Get it in My Bank Account or Unemployment Debit Card – Will This Include Back Dated Payments?

  1. I am going on 43 weeks with out a PUA payment. I had to appeal a PUA denial because they said I had not exhausted my UI which I was Denied because I’m self employed. I won my appeal but now they have been saying for over a month that they do not have the people to enter it in the system .

  2. I feel ya! If your in GA there is a new GDOL entry to make and appointment. However; to apply the window is open from 8am to 9am. Monday morning only! If done by phone or computer, keep clicking until the website moves,you can start over. But; remember time is of essence.
    P.S. GDOL they really are busy! All the best!

  3. You have to go back into. Claim each individual week the process is tediously annoying but then u will be able to receive checks for missing weeks back date claiming of your weeks jeesh people read …..

  4. I have a back dated claim clear back to February. I have yet to receive a dime. When I call they say there are no issues and can’t say when the button will be pushed to pay me. “Just be patient”. No wonder so many Americans are losing everything they worked so hard for. My daughter filed less than 2 months ago and has already been paid! If their is no issues with my claim then why am I not getting paid? SMH

    1. There is hope Deb. I filed back in April, kept filing weekly and just got an update that I was getting paid (back to when I filed). They did need me to send a copy of my ID docs (drivers license, SS card and proof of address) so make sure to look out for an email requesting these docs, I only had 48 hours to respond. It was impossible to get through by phone all those months. I did send several emails through the system and this was my first response. Keep submitting your weekly claim and I would email as well. All the best and hope it goes through soon. Take care. Cindy

  5. Hello I’m from NJ. I CLAIMED 59 weeks. I refiled and was told that I didn’t have enough base weeks to claim. Right before that a paper came saying I still had about $2000. To claim. Is there anymore benefits I can claim?

  6. Hey you guys, I’ve had similar issues like some of yous, at this point I will says that PUA, in PA at least is currently suspended I believe. I could be wrong. But I got an email 10/13/20 saying my PUA is suspended until I verify my identity through their new verifier which is iD.me through L&I. They said they paid me 10/29/20 & I’m set up for direct deposit and still have yet to see anything in my account. Forgot to mention I verified my identity 11/30/2020 and still haven’t heard anything from them. I seen the message in my portable about my PUA being suspend late because eventually I stopped filing prior to seeing the message because I seen no payments. Hope this help someone.

    1. Hi su I’m currently in the same situation so I originally filed my unemployment claim September 28th 2020 but nothing happened no money or anything. So I checked on Twitter,and I too had to verify my identity through the verify ID me app. once I completed my identity process they gave me a payment date of November 30th and I already had direct deposit setup ..no money came through.
      I kept applying and recertifying every week and trying to call the forever busy number. Then once my open issues went awat, out of nowhere they established a debit card for me so now I have the debit card . but only two of the 12 payments were released. One for 12/16 and 12/17 and that’s not even including my back pay.I sent in an email requesting my back pay but nothing happened. But there’s more, the other 10 payments say paid out pay date and payment number but nothing came.

  7. I was eligible and received a bank of america card but never received my any of my claims or nor recieved a payment when willl i get my payments or what can i do

    1. I received my first letter of determination (Financially eligible) from DETR (State of NV) 7/13/2020, I then received an internal email to upload all documentation, 1099-MISC (2019), Nev DL (Front/Back), SS card(Front/Back) Bank Statement active for Direct Deposit (Routing number/Account number) called numerous times to PUA Call Center Div, they stated ‘Direct Deposit’ should be coming soon, check to Bank Account. 2-3 months went bye, and I contacted the Adjudication Div, C.S. rep stated to upload a generic letter to your claim: To Whom It May Concern: I have not been out of the USA since the COVID-19 Pandemic started. She also stated that my NV DL should match the address of my Summary Claim and all other documentation. I uploaded this DL with matching address (Front/Back) recently, then two days later received an email and internal email document, received my second letter of determination (Financially eligible) from DETR dated 11/26/2020, and Available Credits and Claim Benefit Balance increased..But still haven’t received any payments. No Outstanding Issues on Claim-Claim Status: Regular Active.. Any Advice??

      1. Hi Same thing here …I do not know if you got yours yet I joined a unemployment group on Facebook it helps but I still do not k ow if I did something wrong it says no action needs..Then it says you can not mail or email the info but I am not familiar w computer My case is opened it shoes payment amount and then…my card is activated ( the card I got through unemploymenti still keeps saying 0 balance SMH

    2. I am also in the same position as Ciara. I have yet to receive any payment of any kind I have been filing my weekly certifications on time and am still waiting.
      Please help me. It’s almost Christmas for goodness sake!

      1. For the pua you had to recertify I recertified for the lwa where do I certify for this pua they’ve already sent me a letter saying that it’s in process but I know nothing about applying for certification could someone tell me where I go to I’m here in Kansas City Kansas

  8. Last payment I received was 7/13. I just cleared up my verification and it says I was supposed to be paid 11/25. I have not seen anything in my account. What is going on?

  9. I filed in February Identified myself through the app they assigned me and still haven’t heard from anyone. When I called they said there was nothing else they needed from me so I have been playing the waiting game. I haven’t received anything at this time why?

    1. same here ive been waiting since march had to do fact finder on sep 21st and hear it is end of december and the only thing they can tell me is that the appeal department is still waiting to look at my documents come on now 3 months to look at documents

    1. I’ve been wanting since 5/3/20 in Georgia it’s over December 31 so I guess we are going to be screwed over because you don’t get your payments due to you by December 31 we will never get are pua approved payments. Funny thing is I know people who have never worked filed and within 3 days they had 12,000 in hand.

  10. Waiting on back time of bout 10,000 wba of 195.00 from PA i was approved5/7/2020.

  11. Hi i was wondering if any one has had this problem i went to a hearing to have my documents checked everything was good the day of hearing my status went from denied to processing but its been processing for four weeks now every time i call they are saying its alot of checks being processed is the hold up i dont know im gonna call back tomorrow

    1. I filed dec 6th and it was 3 weeks and i got 189 for one week 189 for another week nothing else.I dont know how these ppl get paid for the months before? All I have got so far is around379 which will help some but not much.But it only took less than 3 weeks to get that.

  12. I filed for my pua in june or july I got my letter saying i was approved and how much I should be receiving. I checked my payment history only 5 of my claims have a payment ID number in blue and a payout date of 10/06/20. my payment status is blank but it says it was uploaded on my state issued card. But there is nothing on or pending on my card does anyone know what’s going on??

    1. What happened have you received anything mines give me a payment date but I got my card today and it’s $0.00 on there

      1. O switched to relia card for my unempyment in ohis and 3 weeks have been paid but nothing on my car. Relia card says they see no deposits yet unemploymebt says they’ve been deposited to my card. Countless hours on the phone back and forth and no resolution. They tell me to wait yet if it was their money they wldnt wait..not this long.

  13. I was wondering like I got a letter saying how much i have made and that i am eligible for up to 39 weeks of payments for 191.00 a week and i also recieved my card but when i look at my myportal it just says my claim start date is june and for the 191.00 a week .so im wondering did i even get approved? I mean would i get a card and would it say i was eligible for the 191 aweek if they didnt approve me? Im just wondering if im approved. .

    1. I got an email saying that as well yes I are approved that’s what I was told but I wanna know how long before a deposit is made

    2. You are not necessarily approved. They determined you financially eligible so you may start to file every week but it could still be a long while

  14. Filed mine and back dated ones.. all weeks i could.. and that was starting on august 1st when i applyd.. instantly got appoved for claim.. now 2+ months later havent recieved a PENNY.. and am about to default all my bills.. Ridiculous.. stressed af.. good ole merica screwing us again

    1. I’ve been waiting 3 months for my back pay for all of July and all of August it shows that I’ve been payed why have not recived it yet

    2. I just started receiving my PUA no monies from August 1,2020-September 28,2020 only received 3 PUA payment Also, I only received one $300.00 check
      When will I be receiving the backlogged pay.. my claim is start date 06/28/2020 to expiration 07/04/2020 I have started getting my weekly pay but only 3

    3. Hi i applieed 2 months ago and have not received money on card yet.Do u know when???

  15. Started PUA in April…. it is not almost mid October; still nothing. (MA)
    I submitted all the same information I gave to the RMV in order to get a ‘Real ID’, and they told me they still could not confirm my identity… even though I’m on their medical plan and have received tax returns from them this year.

    I appealed in August after they said they couldn’t confirm my identify, and still no response as of Oct 11th.
    Called up and said it could take 8 to 12 weeks. All I need to do is pass them over maybe one more document to get this going… but they rather make this drag on.

    In the meantime they sent me a letter saying not to apply to Regular Unemployment, directly followed by a line saying to apply for regular employment and even gave me a link.

    Everything is so screwed up.. and I’m on the edge of having to get food stamps… which I may be denied for as well since they’re having such a hard time confirming who I am… while at the same time other parts of the government have validated me completly.

    I’ll be either in a homeless shelter on the streets if this ends up taking much longer. Someone was nice enough to left me star after I lost my last place due to non-payment during covid, and since this current sitation has no lease involved… I could go at any time.

    The worse part of it is… my co workers already were getting money back in March, and signed up later than I did.

    1. Hello, I’m also in Ma. I filed for my appeal back in June (beginning) and didn’t receive my hearing date until this month (Oct.6). Probably not what you want to hear, since its only been about 2 mths since you requested, however, they could, by now be scheduling hearings a bit quicker.? Mine was also due to identity verification. I did receive my approval yesterday, exactly a week after my hearing and all my weeks filed are processing for payment. So hope you get your hearing date soon. Also, you will hear nothing in the meantime, feeling like they may have forgotten you. Also keep an eye on your account frequently, at the end of July I received a letter along with a new link for the opportunity to resend verification of identity and only gave 5 days to respond. If you didn’t respond, then said continue to wait for hearing date, however, IF they deny the documents you DO SEND, you have to REAPPLY for the appeal again, and the wait starts all over again and the time you have waited already, is voided! SO, IF you DO get that option, DO NOT RESEND THE SAME DOCUMENTS THAT THEY’VE ALREADY DENIED. MAKE SURE YOU KNOW THE EXACT REASON IT WASN’T ACCEPTED! GOOD LUCK!

    2. And whatever you do, DO NOT APPLY FOR REGULAR UNEMPLOYMENT REGARDLESS OF ANY LETTER YOU GOT. You are eligible for pua, otherwise you wouldn’t have gotten as far as filing for an appeal! You will cause a whole lot of delays and denials if you now apply for regular unemployment!

    3. don’t feel bad I helped several people including myself sign up for the pua as the covid has damn near affected us all in one way or another,and they put us all under investigation,smh,damn shame!!

      1. Can someone help me please I’ve done did everything thing they ask me to do upload everything they needed and my stuff still cut off what can I do can someone help me out I been cut off this pua crap every secen may helllllllllllp.

        1. You can refile for a new claim be-warned.. if they find you have lied on the Application you can go to Prison. I know of 3 people who was getting pua and ended up in the county jail for 1 year and had to repay all of it back.

    4. Hey, Did you check
      On your dashboard message center for any messages? My initial claim for PUA was in March 2020, I was still doing my weekly certification up until july or August and then then just stopped because I have yet to receive any payment, though I was approved. I sent my license in as a identification document. Here I am, logged back in Dec 2020 and notice a new message that was sent oct 12th,2020 saying I had to verify my identity for suspicion of fraud through this new thing called I.d me that’s works with L&I so my claim is suspended until verification. So I verified my identity, now I’m just waiting. Also, on my claim it says a pay date October 29th for a few weeks but I do not know where that money is.

    5. The problem is theivery from the companies who were put in charge to handle this in first place and whatever department is in charge. Everyone has their hands in the federal money. The people is was set up for have to suffer!

    6. I mailed them a copy of my id a copy of my ss card a copy of two pieces of mail with my address 2 weeks later it was approved i only got 289 for 2 weeks no backpay so far but the whole process has taken around 18 days

  16. It will come, watch pending issues or (adjudication) , be patient, if you haven’t received and correspondence requiring additional verification, you are fine, I live in Ohio and it took 9 weeks before my pending issues cleared up, quite often pending issues doesn’t mean that something is wrong , simply that they are getting around to your claim. Your (final) approval will come in the form of an email stating that you have met all of the requirements.

    1. Hey, oddly i filed over 2 months ago got approved.. and they still havent payed me.. yet also havent asked for any additional paperwork.. i called and automated system says they are only taking calls for new claims not existing ones loool.. i dont know what to do.. guessing they are just taking forever to het to my claim idk

    2. Filed four weeks ago, still file weekly claims and haven’t heard anything. Still says being reviewed. Live in Kansas.

    3. Hey I’min Michigan I’ve been waiting almost 4 months ‍♀️ I’ve uploaded everything all my documents still nothing but it’s under manager review

  17. I’m in ohio I did my PUA 9 weeks ago & still haven’t got no payments I got my card in the mail 5 weeks ago . Still no money why is PUA taking so long ? Every time I get on the phone they are NO HELP ! I EVEN SEND OUT EMAIL still no help . I been doing my weekly claim every week . People you contact for the PUA are NO HELP ❗️

    1. I’m in GA and I’m in the same situation. I’ve been approved, sent docs via email that was requested, all the offices are closed so no phone calls (so they say!!!) I’ve sent 15 emails, I don’t know what else to do?!?!? Have you gotten any help? Good luck to you, I know the struggle, hope you get your payments!!!

    2. It will come, watch pending issues or (adjudication) , be patient, if you haven’t received and correspondence requiring additional verification, you are fine, I live in Ohio and it took 9 weeks before my pending issues cleared up, quite often pending issues doesn’t mean that something is wrong , simply that they are getting around to your claim. Your (final) approval will come in the form of an email stating that you have met all of the requirements.

      1. Hi Shannon, I too am in OH, I signed up for direct deposit. My online PUA account finally says “PAID” as of yesterday, but there is no money yet deposited into my account today. Do you have any idea how long the time period might be between seeing they’ve paid and when the money ends up in the account? Thanks!

        1. Hi Beth , we are in a very similar boat. I waited 4 months before my first payment, every time I checked my PUA status online, it was saying pending,but after 4 months waiting they paid me. My problem now is that after 4 month I received part of the money they owe me. However, now they tell me I have to file my claim weekly online, which I do, but the status is saying my weekly claim is being paid when the money is not even in my account. I already filed 4 weeks and there’s still no money in my account. I am a little concern and decided to stop filing since I don’t know where that money goes! I’m sorry you’re going through that, you can go to the Labor Department and go to the section where it says Live Chat. That helped me a little bit, 2 months ago when I chatted with them they put part of my money in my account in 4 days. UNFORTUNATELY, they told me that now they put my unemployment and PUA together and now I have to do everything through PUA, but PUA doesn’t a have live chat section. I called their phone number, they said go online but nothing happens no matter how many emails I send. Your status said paid and mine says paid too, BUT where is that money? It’s not in our bank account. I have to pray about it and trust God will hear our prayers and see HIS HAND OVER US WORKING IN OUR FAVOR. KEEP PRAYING DONT LOOSE FAITH. My question is did they actually send you that money when it says it’s paid or does it still say paid without actually receiving the money?

      2. its hard to be patient when your landlord bills and kids arent. you cant email call nothing they say they cant id u then u send them the crap and they still do nothing no stimulus the worlds just going to shit and they wonder y homelessness is up so high theyre doing it cause wat do they care they have jobs money a place to sleep it is all bs

      3. Hi my name’sChristopher and I’m from Las Vegas Nevada I filed 1012 2020 got the approval letter and how much they owe me got my debit card but I have no payment on there I called the center and they told me it’s just a waiting game that I’ve been approved how long does this action usually take

    3. Contact your local Congressman. That how I got mine after 11 weeks of open or active issues.

    4. Im in Ohio I filed the 6th I have gotten 2 payments already just 189 each ,no pay for may forward like i asked for.It said adjudication for awhile, then i kept sending a copy of my id and my ss card and 2 pieces of mail with my name after ,that i got it fast, 18 days from when i filed, i had 389 in my bank account direct deposit is always faster than a card.

  18. I had applied for pua on the 18th of july i still have one pending issue which i cleared up still nothing been talking to people every week but still nothing I’m at my witts end i know a lot of people who have gotten they money still with that one pending issue any help? Thank you

      1. No I didn’t but I did self certify and they told me everything was okay I was just waiting on a judication and they told me that they was working on June they told me I just would have to wait until they get to July

    1. I’m going through the same thing I filled in June its October 28th 2020 still nothing I have no pending issues they asked for my identity social card proof of address and tax return I still got nothing I go on the site it say in progress I have no issues or I have not gotten a letter or email ….now it says I can get paid up to 39 weeks .well I’m up to 35 weeks and ice got nothing I lost my house and car I’m living with my mom in her basement .this sucks I know ppl that got money and I’m still waiting 4months and November is around the corner I call they tell me nothing or I can’t get through the lines are busy or you get through they hang up .I don’t know what else to do.

  19. I am in PA. I was supposed to commence job in feb but due to corona virus governors self isolation,closures,etc.. that did not happen. I stated my last day of employment was feb 26,2020. I did not list my employer because he was not in their list etc..so it shows i have lack of work history and 0$ for unemployment base pay.My monetary eligibility letter said i was eligible for PUA at the minimal 195$ rate and should be able to claim all the way back to feb. I did not file til aug 23,2020 because I did not think I was eligible . But due to the CARES act I am. I received my debit card reliacard, but have only received the 195 weekly payments & the lwa benefits but only for 2 weeks. They said i could back date my claim by emailing a back date request with reason pertaining to corona virus, which I have done several times. i still have recieved no response, don’t know if there are responses because it tells me to check staff resourcing & punch in guest id # which i have no clue what they are talking about. so i just keep emailing from portal . it says success, but doesnt show that email was ever read. IT also shows on my claim summary that I have 7,605 in credits. i have been paid 975.00 to as of 9/27/2020 with remaining credit of 6,630.00. also says eligibility review date of 9/27/2020. what does that even mean? why am i getting a eligibility review? does that mean i can finally certify for past weeks? or they gonna cut me off? they have not asked for any documents from me. Have not answered my emails requesting back date. my weekly claim for this week 10/3/2020 is now processing. i just want my lump sum from feb. back pay. & what does the 7,605 credit mean? is that how much 39 weeks of minimum would come out too? or is that weeks from my claim date 8/23/2020 until dec. 26,2020 when it ends or what? i’m confused. everyone else i know got the lump sum of several thousand dollars and im scraping by on 195 a week. i don’t know what to do. i have called . sent emails. read every article under the sun..i have to rely on this site and others for information. has anyone else had this problem & what do you suggest i do? i’m afraid dec 26th will come before any of my questions get answered. or i get a job hopefully soon once things open up more. then what happens? please help!
    frustrated & confused in PA!

    1. I filed back in July and received not even one fcheck yet, so don’t feel bad. I too have emailed, called on the phone, and mailed many documents to verify my identity. No one can tell me anything, but I received letters saying I qualify for 39 weeks. Everyone else I know, who don’t even need the extra money, already received theirs. Going on 3 months for me, but I just keep on claiming more weeks. Maybe they ran out of money. Looks like I might have to get a lawyer for this, because according to the info I was sent, they owe me over $10,000.

      1. that is horrible. I keep trying to be optimistic hoping they are just backed up, but it is so hard when you feel you can’t even communicate your issues. i still feel no one is reading my emails,letters.messages thru that portal. & forget that guest id # to check responses! i have no clue what that even is! good luck! i’ll pray for both of us!

      2. I dont understand it either. I sent all my Documents and keep on sending everything i can to verify who i am. Appeals and they qualified me then they say i owe and now i finally after 7 months got hold of someone. They expidited to look over my case. How long will that take. As im sitting waiting. Losing everything i owned and having anxiety attacks. I just dont know what else to do. I filed for regular unemployment i got denied then i filed pua unemployment here in hawaii. . something is not right with this. Maybe i should get a lawyer as well. Dec 26 is coming up and nothing has been done with my situation. So any advise

    2. If you can try to go to your state representatives office they should help you I went and they sent my backdates in back to February but still have not heard anything yet but it’s worth a try

      1. thank you for the suggestion. are you in PA? Where did you go and who did you speak with? Did you go there in person or email or call them? what did you need for documents etc..this info would be most helpful.

    3. Hey, I just applied for mines yesterday for the first time 11/24. I basically was approved for the same amount of credits & 195$ weekly payments as well. I know everything gets shuts off by 12/26. I’m now wondering if I’m going to be in the same boat as you. Definitely keep me updated.

  20. My ui potal says deposited friday 10/02/2020. Today is saturday 10/03/2020. There is no money on my card. Will i get it monday or should i hve gotten it today

    1. I received a email saying and showing my pay and it said it would be deposited on 9/28/20 the email was received on 9/26/20 but on 9/27/20 it changed and said no recent payments and I didn’t receive any funds on 9/28/20. I can not get anyone to talk to me about this either. It was heart breaking not seeing a deposit.

  21. i have requested that pua backdate my claim to March 15th but they only went back to June 7th. Will i get the rest of my weeks

    1. Hey Trina, same with me , I am not sure if I should appeal for that reason or it will just make more complicate as it is

  22. Ok I’m in Ohio. My account has been flagged since 7/16 now it has been released and there is a payment being made to my account. It says 10/02 . So will I get that money on my card then or the following week when normal pua benefits are released?

    1. I have been waiting 9 weeks for my PUA and $300.00 received one August 9,2020 and that is it now what’s next I have been given every excuse even when it says approved something needs to done we are all drowning.. we are suffering no rent,bills or food enough something needs to be done to escalate. I even got a lawyer…. needs t be high priority Now more excuses and lies

  23. I live in Atlanta georgia its says that I have been approved and my effective date was 06/2020 but I haven’t received any payments I even received a card even though I did direct deposit but no money can somebody help me please?!!!!

    1. Im here in hawaii. They qualified me and then stopped it stating i owe back. Idenity. I sent everything in and im appealing it. Any advise

  24. So i just got my debit card in the mail but my balance is 0 an when i check my pua it’s still says in process so i have no clue if im approve or not I’ve applied 2 weeks ago an i make sure i go online every 7 days to do my status claim can someone help me out im in P.A

    1. Hey, you should have a determination letter in your message center in your dashboard when you log into pua. If not then you still need to wait for your eligibility determination. My weekly certification used to say in progress as well until it changed and said my pay date but I still have yet to receive anything. Idk. Ima in PA and my initial claim was in March 2020. I got approved June 2020. I did my weekly certification up until august and stopped since I have yet to receive anything. Under my claim detail where it says claim benefit paid they said they paid me a couple thousand but I have yet to receive anything. And my weekly benefit certification they said I was paid oct 29, 2020 but nothing in my
      Account and I’m set up as direct deposit

  25. This morning I checked/signed in to my UI Portal and finally it is showing that they have been paying me my PUA money for 11 weeks now into my bank account by direct deposit.
    But I have not received any thing from them into my bank account.
    Here is an example as to what is showing in my UI PUA portal.
    It shows 11 weeks of deposits into my bank all in all.
    Where did all this money go?
    I did not get it.
    I checked on my UI portal today and this is what I am seeing
    But I have not had any money deposited into my bank account.
    Am I doing something wrong here?

    Direct Deposit 07/25/2020 09/24/2020 $504.00
    Direct Deposit 07/18/2020 09/24/2020 $504.00
    Direct Deposit 07/11/2020 09/24/2020 $504.00

    1. If you are in CA there is no such thing as direct deposit into your bank account without it going into a Bank of America Bank Account in which you have a prepaid debit card. Other than that you would have to get a paper check. SO if it shows paid it is on a debit card waiting for you.

    2. This is happening to me also 09/30/2020 the ga dol is not giving me the funds the say . I received 500 of my 1800 lwa

    3. I’m having the same issue!!! I signed up for direct deposit, on the PUA website it says payments have been processed but I haven’t received anything for weeks

    4. Hi Malley, samething happend to me . I stop filing my weekly claim , since I have no idea where that money goes. I have no clue , MAYBE FRAUD. I’M ABOUT TO COLLECT FOOD STAMP SINCE I HAVE NO MONEY. Hope everything work for you.

    5. You need to get the ReliaCard. That’s what all your money will be on. PUA doesn’t do direct deposit into your checking account. There is a site you can enter your SS number into and find out where you card is, you may have thrown it away thinking it was junk mail. It comes in a plain white envelope with a return address in Indiana. If they already sent your card you can request a new one be sent. But I would bet you anything that’s where your money is being sent. Hope this helps you.

    6. Did you get stimulus payment? If yes on what account? When you did your tax return, did you do it thru company like Liberty tax or H and R block? Because sometimes payments from IRS for refund goes to tax companys bank and then to yours. So IRS have their direct deposit info. Not yours. So make sure when you do your weekly certifying than change direct deposit info. Make sure they got your card on their file. Because once you applied for PUA . There is algorithms doing their work not people. Computer put all your info in one so called subaccount. Only after that people looking at it a d making decisions who you are scam or reall person. Returning to your question is that make sure money dont go on someone else’s card.

  26. I’m in Pua and it says my benifet pay date is 09/24/20 which is today and I got direct deposit and dont see any pending deposits in my account? Why is this?

    1. It takes 24 hours to deposit and clear…you will get it.
      Mine was deposited Thursday morning 25th Sept and cleared this morning 26th Sept…i got nearly $7000.

      1. I’m in arkansas does each state do it different. I heard that pua is not doing direct deposit anymore only paper check has anybody else heard that

        1. I am in GA.
          They do direct deposit thats how I got my PUA
          Maybe it’s a little different where you are.
          If it says on you UI portal that it has been paid and deposited to your bank……it will clear give it time

      2. Was that after midnight or 6 am? I got approved and my card had a balance on it, now the bank says $0.00 I haven’t filed weekly in over a month, but waiting for my $8,000 lump sum.

        1. @Chad. Friday 8/25. Been calling after midnight. NOTHING.

      3. Hello Malley, I too am in Georgia….I have been receiving my pua deposits. However, for the past 3 weeks I have not received any deposits once I received my LWA. And, there have been no postings on my ui portal about any pending deposits. And I receive my deposits on my way2go card. What could be the problem because I can’t contact anyone to find out.

        1. Crazy pua stuff outa control it’s all due to the covid

        2. Hello Cynthia I’m in GA also. I applied in July, still haven’t received anything. I got my claimants Determination approval. In the mail it said if you wish to appeal you have 15 days. It’s been over 20 dats and still nothing. What does that mean. How long after you got that letter did you see something on the portal? Please help me. Thanks

  27. This is Gerald Geiger again, have I mentioned this has been well over 2 months before they even after all the calls I’ve made, told me about the two documents that I expedited the next day to them!! That’s been around 45 days ago itself. Since that day I confirmed that they received what they requested they promised that everything’s good and should receive it any time. Please help.

    1. I spent about 5 weeks just to talk to a live person and its been 4 1/2 months banging my head agianst the wall. Then I get a letter saying to send additional documentation within 7 days of course it took 4 days for the letter to arrive, reminds me of the military and Hurry up and wait…………They want you to send the info yesterday and then sit on it for months it’s frustrating!!!!! Hang in there and good luck I finally got approved yesterday.

  28. Hello this is Gerald Geiger once again. I called nv.gov again today and told me the same thing as they usually have been telling me. Everything bbn looks perfect! Keep checking my email and direct deposit acct on file. Its under review! On my claim summary is says the same as always has. My gosh they can check me out easy, I’m not. A criminal, I’ve always helped people. My paperwork is in order and I was hit by a Domino’s pizza delivery man 12 yrs ago and wound up with several spine surgeries and titanium from c-1 to c-7 , I’m in pain can’t operate heavy equipment any longer. Who can help me expedite this? I’m owed around $20,000.00 they tell me! Is their anything I or someone can do? At my waist end.
    Gerald Geiger


    2. Really they do not owe anyone anyhting.You can get paid yes but they do not owe you.

  29. I’m Jerry in Las Vegas, Nevada. I filed in July. Had a request for 2019 tax year!! And proof of address. I promptly sent the documents and followed up with five hundred phone calls before finally being blessed enough to speak to a very nice lady. She said everything looks great and keep an eye on my email and bank account. I have accounts at the largest federal credit union in America!! It has been over 2 months since then and they are still saying the same damn thing!! I was an employer for 30 years and never asked nor was offered anything from ?? Wits all empty promises!! My employees counted on me every pay fault! I bet their glad now that they didn’t work for the Gov’t!! Come on with the bull f… shit! Don’t talk about it?? Be about it!!! hy or Gov’t!! I created thousands of jobs for people and matched their fica every week !! I e received nothing!! Thanks for making self employed people eligible!!

  30. I received the initial payment which included back payments but haven’t received anything since. I have 9 weeks “in progress”. I’ve been calling for 10 business days and get nothing but a busy signal. On top of that my card was compromised and a new one had to be sent out to me. I haven’t received that either. Idk what else to do. My son has gotten his weekly benefits and told me to try an email. From what I understand, that could take approximately 17 days to get a response.

    1. I filed on Aug 3 2020. Received my confirmation also debit card I have filed every week since then but have not received any payments. What could be the problem? I have tried all phone # and web sites. Please help thank you

  31. Hello iod anyone can help me I am in PA today I normally receive my benefits it says on my dashboard payment posted two days ago and was certified on the 13 th and no pending issues yet I have no money on my card this morning is this happening to anyone else can anyone help me know what’s going on! Every time I call there’s too many busy agents to call back later and it hangs up I’m worried I rely on this to help pay the bills and feed my kids it doesn’t totally relieve what we lost with the virus but it helps and now I’m scared for my electric bill because it’s behind and I wanted needed to make a payment today if anyone can help give me an answer I would so appreciate this

    1. Hey this most likely won’t help. But I also filed my pua claim in pa on Sunday the 13th and always have to paid on Wednesday. I’m not sure what the problem is but since you also didn’t get paid I’m thinking there is a problem on their side. Sorry can’t help more. Me and my family of 4 really need our money also. Sorry again. It’s a big bummer when you expect to f gd st paid and don’t.

    2. I have that problem right now. My payment took an extra day to post. I file on Sundays. It posts on Monday,then I get my money on the card on Wednesday. This week it posted on Tuesday and it should have been in my account today. This happened last week but it was a holiday. I dont know whats happening.

    3. There is a delay on Sept 16 PUA website posted a message there is a spike in claims all payments will be delayed 2-4 days .So you should get it shortly .

  32. i had an issue and got an email after many weeks here in PA. it asked me to upload my license & social. i also uploaded my registration & birth cerficate to be make sure. then had to email a specific site. 4 weeks after uploading. nothing. i am owed for past 11 weeks. getting very sick over something thats a 2 minute fix. must be that this is a democratic state. if not paid soon have to rethink who i vote for.

  33. Hello, I was approved for Pua and was receiving my money and then nothing, says I have 2 issues, I have 4 other family members living with my due to the pandemic and have the same address. We have uploaded id information and proof of address but it has be almost 2 months and nothing from any one, Starting to worry, bills are piling up and food is getting low. can any one Help me? I am in Pa.

  34. I am in Nevada and I too am still waiting for my now 26 weeks, of ” in process” PUA payments!!! Don’t offer this to us Self Employed workers and then never pay us for it! What kind of shit is that! I have a family to take care of and rent to pay, and food so we can eat yet DETR could care less! This is total bullshit that you would do this to your fellow Americans. All my faith in this system has been lost. Shame on DETR and our government for letting this happen!

    1. You have been waiting 26 weeks and still have not been paid? Is that right? OMG! I filed for PUA too, and I’m waiting 10 weeks, everytime I check my status I can’t even tell if it’s been processed yet. It’s so damn annoying! At least tell us if it’s processing. Hire some damn people to speed up the process!

      1. i filed dec 16th and was paid dec 24th so something aint right I only got 189 times two that is it but i would do something upload ur id ss card and 2 pieces of mail with ur address im in ohio they move quick

    2. I also have been waiting 23 wks. I got an payout on 6/26/20 which was back pay from March 16.. I have faithfully filed every week up to present. On 11/23/20 I received e-mail reconfirming my eligibility. I really had a. Thanksgiving thanks. So, I should get payment a week?

  35. Hey I’m also from Pittsburgh PA and filed and was also eligible and received my determination letter and my card which was the 9th of August and they haven’t posted a dime on my card on my pua dashboard it continues to say payment in progress and still nothing yet so I have been calling the UC service ctr I called Harrisburg and all top authority people in reference to this matter and all I’m being told is that I just have to wait or keep calling UC service ctr which you can never get ahold of anyone so this is terrible I suggest you call Harrisburg office and we just keep complaining til they fix this issues or get us a better way to get ahold of someone

  36. UPDATE: I’m still waiting for DES Arizona to get around to releasing, as of now 27 weeks of PUA unpaid payments. I’ve called multiple times over the past five weeks and have been able to get zero information about what is taking them so fricken long to pay me. Told that I should be patient. Well, being patient doesn’t provide the fund’s for food, rent, and bills. I’m about out of money at this point. Can’t afford to be patient anymore. Where the hell is the money I’m owed???

    1. I’m in az and I m on week 43 and been reviewed back may and eligible and I d now and Bank statement and there taking child support out of my money shows like paid months ago and still nothing .I’ve started the process to the la or board there the ones who got the power over the pua and got my congressmen on it .I spoke to congressman and they were willing to help so I guess that’s what I do tomorrow if nothing happens this evening or I guess just go postal on the whole crop let God separate the pieces and guess I will see what that gets me lol

  37. I am in Missouri and have been getting my unemployment but never got my back pay and it’s been a month and a half now I’ve called numerous times and get no answers but every week it says that my back pay has been sent to my account but it never hits my account it’s so frustrating does anyone have any suggestions please.

    1. I am having the same issue. Well kinda. My PUA was going to an ex girlfriends account. I called and they told me that for whatever reason due to deposit amount restrictions or in my case, my name not being on her account, they would automatically put in for a paper check to be processed. I found a vague pdf about it. Still does not make me feel any better that their call center has no idea where this said paper check is. Any answers?

  38. I was recently approved along with my husband for pua. We both have paid for our weekly certification but he is getting his on the reliacard and when I try to see if I’m getting the reliacard it says I’m not on file. Does that mean we are sharing a card or am I getting a check since I chose direct deposit but I didn’t realize they stopped doing that. Please help

  39. My Husband filed for pua in Ohio in June they said they could not verify his identity we would have to appeal but looking at his claim they were going to take child support out so how did they not be able to verify his identity

  40. has anyone had trouble filing? I went on system several times to submit claim and it does the certification but none of the weeks show up on claim summary / some of the weeks are there but its the weeks that pay was recieved and I still did not get any payments from new claim.

  41. Im from Pittsburgh PA area and filed for PUA and was elligable. The efficate date was 7/19 I recieved the email and paper mail of what i would recieve. But as of 8/2 I still havent recieved my debit card nor a password pin for anything….. Does anyone kno what to do or whats going on because im at my witts end. I cant even take care of any of my responsibilities and going to lose my lively hood……. PLEASE HELP.

  42. I have never had any faith in our government, state or federal ability to function properly or in a timely manner no matter what kind of assistance provided. I’m losing my patience with DES Arizona PUA not getting their shit together. I’m owed 26 weeks of in process payments. Roughly $15,000 that I have yet to receive. WTF?

    1. I am in Arizona as well and I have 25 weeks “in progress” I’m am beside myself and not sure if we will even receive it at all.

      1. I received my Pua last week but haven’t received any Pua this week have anyone else had this problem

        1. Yes me i everything i did my pua Sunday said i should be paid this week and nothing yet and i have no issues

      2. I also am goin on 26 weeks Al it says is in progress and no one knows what’s goin on.

        1. In NV I understand that child support will take what’s owed. I also have direct deposit. It shows that I’ve been paid 5.000.
          I went through the same process and problems in the beginning of my Ui/pua claim. I haven’t even received notice/emails from DETR. Saying that I’ve been paid.
          There is also no deductions are shown on my claim summary also no money in the account. Child support hasn’t received anything or don’t have any idea what I’m talking about. The government takes, takes, and takes! how are we to support ourselves!!! I’m still human and a Veteran. Still I pay my taxes when able, the Feds take child support and gives no to the kids. Because of the CA 10% interest on the total amount plus the interest on the arrears.
          Off topic my apologies.

  43. I applied July 26. Was approved have 3 outstanding issues. Where is my money

    1. I had 3. Pending PUA issues. This is week 12. It finally went away after many calls. They say if it’s a PUA pending issue, it’s usually a question that was messed up. They are finally answering right away. Non Thursday I got a nice lady, she faxed over all the emails I had sent about the pending PUA issues. It took 12 weeks to fix everything. Today, woke up, it says paid… BUT BEWARE, THE MONEY IS ALL SCREWED UP, AND ITS NOT ON MY VCARD. IT SAYS PAID, BIT ME N RELIACARD CANY FIND IT. THEY SAID IT WAS DEPOSITED ON SEPTEMBER 14TH. JUS HIG YHE SHIT OUTTA EM UNTIL U GET SOMEONE WHO CARES ON THE PHONE AND WILL GET IT GOING FOR YA

      1. Hey, I just logged back into
        My PUA portal n it says paid as well for
        Some weeks but I do not know where the money is. Even under my claim details it shows Claim Benefit Balance then in Claim Benefit Paid it says $13,000 but Idk where the money is. & they said it was paid October 29th. So I’m so confused. Because I got a message in
        My message center on October 12th saying they suspended my claim until i verify my identity with i.Dme which I did yesterday but I’m confused how i was paid October 29th. Where is the money? Idk unless it’s on hold

    2. U wont get that money until those 3 issues have been resolved make sure you contact ur local office

  44. I received 5 payments and then all of a sudden it stopped after August 3rd. I have tried calling numerous times with no luck, I’ve emailed them thinking maybe mine was flagged but got a response pretty much that I was not flagged so what’s the hold up there’s like 12 payments that show in progress and a pay date that shows NA. I’ve also reached out to Kelly Townsend that many people referred me to she apparently sent it to someone to look at but yet still no payments.. I’m so frustrated at this point. I depend on this right now to support my family of 8 I’m in Arizona

    1. This happened to me
      Email the shit outta of em. They are finally answering. Call and call until you get someone who cares and will help. It’s well 12 since I stopped getting paid, woke up today with it saying paid. I emailed the governor, the lieutenant governor, the house, everyone. He got it moving along . The lte. Governor stayed on them about me and he stayed in touch constantly with me. He told me if not paid by Thursday email h, I did, got paid today

  45. I applied for PUA and I was approved.
    I received a letter of determination saying I would be getting $220. a week my claim start date was 5th of July.
    I have been claiming for my money every week now for 7 weeks and I still have not received and money through direct deposit into my bank account.
    Anyone have any thoughts as to why I have not got my money yet?

  46. It shows on the pua dashboard that my money as been approve yesterday but im yet to reiceive my payment, was it because i changed my bank details?

  47. I have been approved and says backpay of 12,000+ dollars was processed on the 17th of August somehow my account number was wrong on my payment details,I talked to bank everyday since it went out they haven’t recieved or rejected anything .did my money ever go out with only 8 digits put in for account number somehow it left off the last 4 so what’s the process it don’t even go out to get rejected because of only 8 numbers on account number when it’s supposed to be 12 or did it just get sent out through a paper check since account info was wrong? Does the paper checks have tracing numbers or tracking numbers? Someone please help with this issue.the pua phone number won’t help they say they just process the money the people who send it out or have the tracking number is in another department anyone else have a similar issue thank you

    1. if it’s pua its probably coming in check form they aren’t doing direct deposit anymore, just for UC payments,

      1. Why would you not be able to receive pua benefits through direct deposit? Ive been receiving my pua benefits through direct deposit for the last few months. But then the lwa payments came through (which I received) but the pua benefits for the last 2 weeks havent been paid. They dont even show up on the check my ui portal. But if I try to claim/certify those weeks it states claim for that week has already been received…???

  48. please explain this differently for me? Can we and will we still receive our back pay? I filed a month ago, I got m card the next week, the following week i got my unemployment and this week nothing. I got three weeks of pau from when I initially filled it out but will I get the back pay? Thank you for your help its much needed and appreciated

    1. No problem you’ll get your payments it’s issues on there end but I would stilll recommend to call them to get an honest clarification because they’ll leave a note in the system notes forming Others they’ve spoke to you about the status of your claims.

    2. Okay if you done it a month ago that you sure received some not all but something to get you by for the time being due to the changes it’s more of a delay? But they can not keep your back pay unless you have a unresolved issues which is a big problem as to why your not get anything at that which state is this your having issue with by the way ?

    3. There is a message on the website due to increase in claims payments will be delayed 2-3 days in PA Sept16 2020

  49. Well I was thinking the same thing I had a friend of mine who just applied for her Unemployment and she received her money the next day and I’ve been received unemployment and I’ve always had issues until fraud issues started to happen but I still haven’t received my back pay which the operator told me Im entitled to so she inform me due to the recent change that trump did I they would have to adjust the gross to the new amount which is 417 week A week now some the dead line of 600 is over and you can only claim week to week now I had to speak to 6 different people to get the correct information and I have no o e issues

  50. I recieved my PUA card and there was supposed to be 3 weeks worth of payments on it but nothing at all? When I check my pua account then claims were approved but I never recieved the money on my card. Anyone know why or how I go about fixing the issue? I called Unemployment 500 times in one day with no success!

  51. I received an eligible letter n have a amount on my pua claim that I suppose to receive weekly n have direct deposit for my payment but haven’t received anything it’s been a week wondering will I get it or if I did something wrong an won’t receive it

    1. i have i question did my pua around june 23 and i recived everything. i still have not got the card and it going on 3 months. so can someone help me with this. helps makes matters worst is that when i try and track the card on the relias app it pops up saying i dont have a account with them

      1. Hey, it’s currently 11:58 pm eastern time. I’m in PA. I did the same thing you did on relia website and it said no account found. Of course if you’ve never ever gotten a card to activate. I just called them now for a replacement card because I was given a card years ago which so happen to have never been activated anyways. So yeah.
        Just call for a replacement.

    2. It’s due to the change of adjusted amount not being 600 any more they still owe me 4 week worth of back pay. But I know it won’t be the old amount all you can due it wait until it’s fixed it will just miraculously pop up but you still have to do your claims other wise there will be more delays.

      1. Call them and let them know What’s the delay and they will inform you on what’s going on that should get you a piece of mine

  52. I had a friend that this happen too … he put went back in the site and put his card info back in the pua system and in 2 days got his back money… or there waiting on you to send them your ID to confirm its you go to dash board and check for that info

  53. I applied for PUA July 9th and was able to file every week even back to April. I got my eligibility letter about 3 weeks ago but never received my debit card? How long does it take??

    1. You need to contact your local congressmen and senators until somebody answers and here you out and have the unemployment office to contact you

    2. If you haven’t gotten yet it’s been but stole I would recommend sending it to some one you truthfuly trust to mail it to. That’s wat I happened to me by the grace of god I got my card with in 5 days a friend or I friend member I trust very well. Because this has Been my four card . Certain states a willow you yo track you cards locates mines didn’t. It would help a lot.

  54. I applied. I was told what I should expect for a lump sum and regular payment. I received my card and activated it. There was no payment or pending lusted so I went to website only to find it say there was no claim under my social! Has anyone had this happen? I don’t understand any of it!

    1. You will get your benefits. I personally believe that they ran out of money and are afraid to come out and admit it. A lot of states allowed people to have a field day with those claims. You gotta consider that nobody was being held accountable to actually prove that they were eligible for the benefits during Covid 19. So most of the money went to fraudulent claims. That’s why so many people that are truly eligible to receive retroactive back pay are being delayed. You gotta first call on God on this one. Then reach out to you state Senators and Congressmen until somebody hear you out and make sure that your claimant issues get addressed by unemployment.

    2. Yes I have they see it it’s there you just have to give them time idk what start your is for but mines it Arizona

    3. Today is a good day…
      Georgia is now paying out on PUA .
      Today I got all my PUA I was owed deposited into my bank account and not only that I also got 4 weeks of the $600 …..i received just over $6000 in all.
      It took 24hours from them depositing the money to it clearing in my bank account.
      Kudos to GA DOL.
      Thank you!

      1. Will you people quit disclosing the amounts of money you are getting. That probably makes others upset on this site because many are STILL waiting for their money and now someone else is rolling in cash and its NOT them.

  55. So I finally got one of those debit cards yesterday does this mean I might get my pua payments soon? does anyone know what is suppose to happen next?

  56. I field 6/2/2020 for pua in az i have received two payments on my b of a account and then the payments just stopped . now instead of having a date on my pay outs it shows in progress . not really sure what the that means and trying to get any information from them is IMPOSSIBLE . I mean IMPOSSIBLE . theirs is never any new info on whats going on or when we might get the benefits were entitled to. Its like they took our money from the feds to do something else with it and now they don’t have it. theirs a reason why people avoid you at all cost when they owe you money . they closed there doors shut off there phones never give updates. They have turned our world upside down and could care less about us. someone needs to answer for this

    1. I have the exact same issue. Haven’t had a payment for 2 weeks and they owe me around $14,000 in back payments. At this point, I don’t even care how much the payment is, I just want to know “when and if” payment is coming so I can plan accordingly. Can’t seem to get any help at all. Very frustrating!

  57. I filed July , 15 and i got laid off March 13. I still haven’t recieved my money from PUA. from arizona

    1. They now owe me $12,500 in Back Pay. People need to be fired, this is unacceptable

    2. I don’t know what is going on with the PUA I filed July 13 I have received anything no notice of approval or denial not I have no link to file weekly claims so I been filing weekly claims under unemployment since march I don’t know if that counts for toward PUA anybody know if its someone we can email because calling doesn’t work

      1. You have to file on the PUA unemployment log in page.I think if You file on the regular unemployment page,it won’t count towards PUA because they aren’t the same entity.Go to PUA log-in and send them an e-mail to find out what’s going on

  58. Has anyone received there pua backpay in Az if so do you have the issued card or direct deposit?

    1. Im in Tucson. I filed May 27. Got approved and received my BofA debit card. I file weekly. Have received nothing. Really really sucks. And…was denied ACCCHS and Supplemental Nutrition.

  59. I certified and was determined eligible for PUA benefits and my available balance is determined to not have any holds. And my weekly benefit is 198. Why doesn’t EDD have any records of my claim. Also I was approved eligible as of 7/27/2020.

    1. You have to call the pua office. Your not on file st the regular unemployment office.

  60. My husband received his awards letter on the 9th of July stating he was approved for the 600 a wk plus 175 a week dating back to early April. All those weeks have been certified, and as of yet not a single payment has been received. I can’t even call anyone, when I call the ca edd I get a recording that basically says we’re too busy to answer the phone, then it hangs up on me. It did refer me to another number just for pua technical issues, but when I call that number I get the same exact recording. I’ve sent a couple of emails, but no replies. Where exactly are we supposed to turn for help or answer?

    1. I live in Pittsburgh Pa and I received 11 weeks of 195 WBA and the 600 stimulus. After Being layed off June 30th and being told a debit card would be sent, nothing happened for the next 8 weeks. To be clear I was furloughed from March 17th to June 30th. After the payment for June 6th week end I received nothing for all those weeks that were certified. No numbers work, you basically can’t talk to anybody. I also checked with Reliacard an they say no Debit card was issued in my name.

  61. Today is July 29, 2020. I am in Pittsburgh, PA and my unemployment is deposited every Wednesday morning on the issued debit card that they sent us last month. I haven’t received my payment today. Is anyone else having this problem? Thanks in advance for your time and help. God Bless

      1. Hey there. Thanks for your reply. I am really nervous because this is the first week that it hasn’t been deposited. I tried calling but was #4,846 in line to talk to an agent. Please keep in touch. Hopefully we receive it soon.

        1. I still haven’t gotten anything and the program has ended I didn’t even get a rejection letter I got an email saying the program ends on 07/25/2020 smh

        2. I got mine this morning at 5:46am, it should be posted today. You will be ok im sure, i live in Altoona PA.

    1. Yes!!! I also am having the same issue. This is actually the same day i get paid, im sorry you are experiencing this. I hope its posted today. I seen it can take up to 3 days, which on pua, the check was to be posted 27th, so today being the 30th, im hoping we have some luck.

      1. Hey Michael! I just noticed that the money posted sometime early this morning, so check your balance! Hoping that yours is there as well!

    2. I’ve been waiting for 3 weeks to get my payments. They were coming each week up until then. I’ve had emailed them three times they keep telling me to go to something called my staff resources and punch in the id number they have given me. The only problem is, is that it is nowhere to be found on any pages i’ve opened or any drop down pages.

      1. Did you solve this mystery? If so, please share!!! I am in the same boat.

    3. Hi Erin,The same thing happened with my son,he’s been getting his payments but today,nothing. We have no idea where to get an answer. I would assume You guys will get it,I know the one time,we didn’t get it until the next day.We are in Philly.

    4. Hello Erin
      I am in Pittsburgh too. I have not recieve any payment on my relia card even it says approved :(
      sent many email since Aug. 1, has not heard anything back yet.

  62. I applied on the 12th. Got approved thru PUA. My card was mailed out on the 20th. I will receive my unemployment first then my lump sum will come two weeks later. I am in Mississippi. You may want to check with your State unemployment. Google comments about the hold up in your State. Hope that helped a lil.

    1. Thanks I’m in Virginia and website for unemployment and PUA suck no updates on my case no one answers the phone so frustrated but thanks for replying

      1. Hey Alvin Im in VA too n I’ve had the hardest time. I got the approval letter about 2 months ago n still haven’t received anything. Idk what to do. Someone told me to add a card to my acct, so I did, but nowhere during that process did it ask me for a routing number. And believe me, I searched. Do you have any advice??? Does anyone have any advice? I don’t understand why I’ve been approved n then nothing. Everyone I know is like “you should’ve gotten yours by now” but no-one has anything helpful to say.

  63. This has been a nightmare for me I applied for employment in May received an ineligible letter that month. I was waiting to be able to file for PUA heard nothing by mail I was calling/emailing of course no answer filing I emailed the gov of Virginia in July 10th magically the link for me to file on line opened up, but no approval or denial, I don’t know what to do now I’m still calling and emailing has anyone had this problem, can anyone offer me some suggestion I don’t wanna spend time just waiting again I need help like now.

    1. I was denied first time too. Second time I applied I had my income for each quarter of 2019. I was approved then..

    2. I have not received anything for the last five week knownitsixgow do I find out what to do I.m going to be honelsss

  64. same over here no back payments under the PUA. I have received only payments after I filed for it which was on May 31. I’m a contractor and have been affected since March and I’m in NJ.

  65. I was sent a letter saying I was determined eligible for PUA on 6/25. Currently filing weekly and have received about 3 or 4 weeks of unemployment on the debit card they sent me. I anticipated getting the back payment at least within 2 weeks of that letter but in 2 days, it will have been 3 weeks. I’m in Iowa and wondering what the time frame is going to be for the back payment? I heard that someone in Nebraska got a paper check with his back pay. Anyone have any insight?

    1. same over here no back payments under the PUA. I have received only payments after I filed for it which was on May 31. I’m a contractor and have been affected since March and I’m in NJ.

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