Why $300 Unemployment Payments Are Delayed For Those Who Have Exhausted PUA and PEUC Benefits


This article was last updated on January 8

I have noticed several comments and the mixed messages people are receiving from state unemployment agencies saying that they have rolled out the new weekly $300 FPUC payment, but yet many claimants won’t get this payment for several weeks! Especially those who exhausted there benefits before December 27th, 2020 (or December 26th in some states). This was the date that funding for the PUA, PEUC and EB programs ran out under the CARES act which funded these programs in the first place before the COVID relief extension was passed to extend UI benefits.

The mixed messaging and delays in payments you may be experiencing is likely due to the fact that to get the $300 FPUC supplementary weekly payment, which was relatively easy to implement since $600 FPUC was in place last year and only the amount has changed, you need to be able to enroll in the extended PUA or PEUC program weeks. This is because you need to show $1 of underlying existing unemployment benefits to get the supplementary $300 weekly payment. Unless you can certify for your standard unemployment weekly, you won’t get the $300 payment which is automatically applied by state agencies that meet this criteria.

So the issue actually is due to delays with states implementing the PUA and PEUC programs that have had some new changes and criteria under the new law, e.g. additional documentation, or you need to use PEUC before PUA. So this has meant claimants who exhausted PUA or PEUC benefits before Dec 27th, cannot file/certify for the weeks which extended coverage is available. And as a result don’t get the $300 either because it cannot be paid because you need to have $1 of UI under PUA or PEUC to get the $300!

The vicious cycle won’t be resolved until state UI agencies update their system for the new PUA and PEUC, which will determine if people have to apply again or automatically re-enroll for benefits under the extended coverage period (December 27th, 2020 to April 10th, 2021). So for those who have exhausted benefits and want to re-enroll or reapply for benefits you will just need to wait for your state UI agency to make system updates. You will be retroactively paid or made whole for eligible weeks during the extended benefits coverage period.

In addition to the above, here are some useful tips to those who have exhausted their benefits and waiting to file a new claim:

  • Pay attention to the determination letter, notice or (UI portal) tab. Claimants only have a fixed time (30 to 60 days depending on state) to protest or appeal a decision from their state’s Unemployment Agency. If you miss this window you will have to go through a more arduous appeal process.
  • Continue to certify regularly (weekly in most states) if you’re disputing a determination. If you win your appeal, you’ll be paid for the weeks you certify. If you don’t certify it can be a paid to get in touch with someone at your state agency to back date your certifications. Most states don’t have an automated way to do this.
  • Read the questions when you certify. Answering questions inaccurately, even by accident, could lead to trouble with your claim. Slow down. If you are out of work because of the pandemic, make sure to explain why.
  • Don’t believe fraudsters asking for your personal information because they can expedite your claim through some magic channel. They cannot and it’s a scam to get your private information and likely hijack your benefit payments.

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34 thoughts on “Why $300 Unemployment Payments Are Delayed For Those Who Have Exhausted PUA and PEUC Benefits

  1. I have a question regarding over-payments for pua. I filed an appeal back in October. I haven’t heard anything back. I can’t get through to anyone when I call or e-mail. But, they continue to take half of the little bit I get. It was there error. I uploaded my 2019 taxes and reported what I made. I have rental property. So how could I put in the amount of weeks I worked? So, because I didn’t put the weeks I worked (renting my property) they put what I made in 2019 (3,019) per week. Which caused an over-payment. They let this go on from May 2020 until September 2020 before informing me. Now their making ME pay close to 7,000 back. I barely have 150.00 to my name. I heard they were waiving over-payments for certain situation. If it was a Clerical error should it be waived? Thanks.

  2. Hi Andy,
    I left a message on 1/20/21 and a worker did call me back today, 1/26/21. She stated that because I exhausted my benefits on 12/27/20, I would not receive the supplemental $300 per week for 11 weeks. That being said, under your article posted on 1/20/21, under Federal Legislation even those individuals who have exhausted their benefits are entitled to this stipend under the law, it’s a matter of waiting for IDES to get their computer program updates addressed to attend to these individuals. I understand that those individuals who are still certifying and not have exhausted their benefits are automatically receiving this $300 per week.
    I put another call into the 800 number as I do believe the worker that called me today was not completely understanding Federal legislation despite what has been written on the IDES website. Would you kindly confirm that I have in fact understood your updates correctly, and that I will need to wait until IDES has updated this additional rollout? Do you need anything from me in the interim as there is a statement about appealing within 90 days of a decision? Does this worker’s phone call telling me that I will not receive this stipend constitute appealing, or rather, is she not fully apprised of all the rulings?

    Many thanks,

    1. I have a feeling that may be the case in Nebraska as well. I also exhausted benefits on 12/27/20 and have not received the $300 even though they still let me certify every week.

  3. I’m so confused, I was on reg UI my last check was Dec 27, my benefits ran out in Cali wasn’t I supposed to get an extension? I’ve tried to call but it’s hard to get through. Help please and Thank you

      1. Andy,
        Any idea when illinois will begin to implement the additional 11 weeks of peuc for those of us who have exhausted everything and have a zero balance? All my benefits ended in November and illinois has still not yet implemented or even at a bare minimum given any update or info about how to proceed if your in this situation or when it might be implemented!! I know they had to “update” their systems as you said but starting tomorrow it will have been exactly a month since trump signed the legislation into law and still not even an estimated time or any direction from illinois! Was hoping you could give your best educated “guess” when you think it might happen where we at least at a minimum get info sent to us via email or mail or see something on social media in regards to it. Your help or educated guess would be wonderful. It’s such a joke!!

  4. Ive had no issues with my unemployment in florida, it switched over fine from dec 27th and i got the first 300 payment with my week of jan 2. But now i just did the next two weeks and got that payment but not the 300’s for it and dont understand why if ive already recieved the first one.

    1. Same here! Received the first $300 for the week of dec 27,2020- Jan 2, 2021 and $0 since then, PEUC got deposited this night as expected (2nd time this year). There is no indication on Connect UI if $300x2weeks will reach my account :( some online sources say smth like “there may be delays with FPUC payments, because some states haven’t adjusted their systems yet”. But FL released this payment to me once already, so I assume FL’s system IS actually ready… desperate to get this supplemental payment

    2. I logged in to the new system in Colorado and has a message Only REGULAR UI claimants with a balance who filed their claims on or after January 19, 2020 are able to request payment right now. Our systems have not yet been reprogrammed to implement PUA and PEUC extensions. After reprogramming is complete, claimants will be able to request payment for any back weeks owed. We will notify these claimants when the system has been reprogrammed for the latest extensions. So i am waiting for them to contact me personally hope this helps…..

  5. I am in North Carolina and talked to agent this am about what do I need to next if I exhausted my benefits on December 6th but my claim says pending now !!! I am so confused and need this money bad! Please let me know Andy if you know anything about NC! Thanks

  6. No articles are specific as to those who are PEUC exhaustees effective DEc. 26th but do not qualify for EB in their state. I’ve fallen into a category that has no details after reading dozen of articles. Can you please explain? Thanks

  7. Information Technology is a vicious area with most individuals having little to no experience in the banking arena. Having hired “geeks” showing little business know-how does not help. This scenario as follows (the players – some standing in the way):
    The Business: State run agencies having few programming specialists (deep pockets hire from India). Risk Management: requiring self-attestation to prevent fraud – poor coordination with IT Security – requiring dual authentication techniques – read – ID.me. Finance Dept: playing expert in regulatory guidance preventing early distribution of funds. System programming group using legacy systems designed to default to – no not allowed at null or minus null.
    Translation? The computer systems will not allow a start at 0 for those having run out of benefits. Reprogramming this function is a nightmare. It will force users to reopen a claim or start a new claim which is not the intention per regulatory guidance. Guidance calls for another extention (of 11 weeks).
    Resultant Change: Force all those with expired claims to $1.00 of existing claim benefits, forcing computer systems into extension mode, not new claim mode.
    The longer IT waits the longer the nightmare continues as backpay calculations become more difficult to rollout (on effective date – read Sundays) not to mention the worst of it all, getting buy in from Finance for the simple $1.00 addition. Cheating computer systems is somewhat easier than forming logic. Humans tend to forget they are smarter than the machine.
    Don’t put me in charge, I fire people at will!

    1. Omg ..I wonder if that is how my claim got deleted out of Wi system. I applied 6/3/20 retroactive 2 weeks cause I wasn’t planning on filing but couldn’t find a job quick enough s/t Covid so I went back to work 7/1/30 (quit filing claims) the that job ended August 7th so I went to reapply and then my original claim ftom 6/3 was gone and my fiscal year started 8/9/20 like a still al having issue because when I realized it was gone from system this agent helps me renter all those weeks but it then look like I first applied on 8/9 for the 6/3 claim and they haven’t paid me yet. I’m so lost I don’t think it pays to try and figure it out Anyone .

  8. Northam needs to go. This is sad. Virginia is still in implementation? People has been put on the run around. First you can file on Gov2go then you have to call. The system won’t allow you to file unless you call VEC but you can’t get. Representative on the phone. I’ve heard several representative say We are learning as you are learning. Then what kind of system does Virginia have that we’re in a Pandemic and that’s the response people are getting as they re struggling to survive. I really think Northam must GO!!!!! HE hasn’t taken any control of this situation at all! That bill was signed 2weeks ago. They are stringing Virginians along. He needs to go. Fast!!!!

    1. So why is it’s the governors fault? The hold up appears to be due to the feds. Changing the original program and the states are now trying to figure out how to make sense of the mess. The fed mess things up and the states are made scape goats. Can you day vaccines?

  9. This is so sad what Virginians are going through. Northam needs to go. Won’t get my vote this year. The Chief of Department of Labor needs to be replaced. This is kaois. This is a situation where you can’t blame Trump but your local Government officials should be held responsible. They had plenty of time to fix the glitches while Trump was playing mind games during a pandemic. All politians tell the American people what they want to hear. I’ve been noticing actions and I no longer believe that Our Governor has our best interest at heart. They knew people were relying on that unemployment because 600 dollars can not maintain a household/family. I’m highly disappointed in Virginia and Our Governor and the Head of Dept of Labor. This is disgusting. Do not re-elect that man. He does not care about Virginians at all.

  10. I live in California
    I have not exhausted my benefits.
    However, the system is not allowing me to certify.
    Is EDD still updating their systems? Or do I suppose to Re-Open a new case?
    Or just wait…
    All this is soo confuding

  11. Hi there. I live in Nebraska and my benefits ran out on December 26, 2020. I can still certify and the claim runs through March 2021. After certifying I get the following message:
    “Federal law in conjunction with Nevada State law dictates that no more than 39 payments of the combined programs of Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA), Unemployment Insurance (UI) and Extended Benefits (EB) can be made to an individual in 2020. You have reached this threshold and there will be no more payments forthcoming to you.”

    For some reason it says Nevada instead of Nebraska. I am wondering if that is true about not getting more than 39 weeks and whether I will get the $300 FPUC or not.

    1. Looks like Nebraska has not updated their systems for extending coverage and payment for PUA recipients. You are Eli’s for the $300 (including retro payments to dec 27th) for all weeks you certified. Will just need them to update systems. And the name mistake means they are using the same IT folks/developers as Nevada (which is not a great sign given how bad Nevada UI systems have been)

      1. In nevada u can recive up to 39 weeks of pua after the
        39 weeks u keep claim open and if u want to call t reapply so be it it keeps same information u use to update if needed then thir is a box reason u apply on expired u put im apply for extension of 6 weeks. Then it will pay u 6 more total 46 .weeks once that is dissolved u file new claim for 2021 and u get 4 more weeks . Total 50 . N my case dec 26th .2020 I had 2 weeks remaining in 46 weeks so only now I’m getting it starting with Jan 12th. 21 thir is a 2 week gap b4 u can do weekly claims form .hope this answers r question and yes u do get the extra 300$ in nevada if ur still getting benifts when the max weeks run out no more 300$.but I herd thir is other program after pua for self employed gig .. that don’t qualify for reg ui or euc or br .. not sure of the code if any body knows please help

      2. Andy,
        Again, thank you so much for what you do for all of us!! Your the best!! I was hoping you could clarify something to the best of your knowledge. With this new proposal of the American Rescue Plan, I realize that it is still in its infancy stage, isnt approved, and hasnt even yet been brought up for a vote or language even finalized. With that being said, I know everything that I’ve read thus far, states “extended unemployment benefits” would be included and I know that as of now that extension means $400 fpuc until September(extended from march) tentatively from what I’ve read. What I don’t know, and hoping you could give me your best educated guess, has it been mentioned or possible that for those of us who have exhausted everything(regular ui, peuc, extended benefits, and now supposedly 11 additional weeks of peuc whenever states get around to giving it(here in Illinois still nothing yet), is it possible or even probable that benefits could possibly even be extended further via something like peuc being extended past the current 24 weeks, or when they say “extended unemployment” are they simply referring to extending the fpuc($300 a week now/$400 what Biden is proposing until September) just for people who already have remaining weeks left? Or is it possible they would extend peuc past the current 24 weeks so we that have exhausted everything could also receive the additional $400 fpuc that biden is proposing? I hope what I wrote is clear enough that you understand what I’m asking. If not I apologize as I realize it’s a bit convoluted but didn’t know how else to explain it. You have no idea how much your expertise and your knowledge and opinion would mean!! Thank you in advance my dear friend and hope you and your family are well!!

    2. I am in PA.
      I ran out of 39 weeks Nov 26th.
      When I reopened my claim in Jan, I was told Nevada Law dictates no more than 5 weeks can be paid, and I have used them all, even though my claim was to run Jan 2nd until Jan 31st ( for about 5weeks) I had this message on Jan 4th. I live in Pennsylvania!!
      Then I had 2 outstanding issues, then I was found disqualified for the weeks I was told to file, then I had ANOTHER issue of ‘Scheme System,’, then it said New Claim, then it said Reopen Claim, then it said Inactive Claim – Benefits Exhausted, then the amount was different, and so on and on.
      It’s really enough to want to scream and cry and ‘crazy’ laugh, all at the same time! I have been given about a dozen contradictory messages in the last 3 weeks!!

  12. I’m from FL and pua expired for me on 12/27 so now system switch me to regular unemployment so now I’m not eligible for that… WTF I just live in America with no help!

    1. You will get it, just that GL has not rolled out the updates for the new PUA extension program (due to additional documentation requirements). Its a slow process there. See more in this video I posted on this very issue (and a call out to FL at the end) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IyZCcicUf4o

  13. Kicked over to regular UI after PUA exhausted now Im stuck just waiting for any update or anything really. Cant claim anything with a balance of 0 since I was kicked back to regular UI that im not eligible for since always been self employed. Now I just wait and hope they catch me up on payments missed while others are collecting.

    1. me too jeff, mine went back to reg unemployment. im in florida, and mine wont do anything at all. i called they said you just have to wait for the update. no telling how long they said. mean while, i will sit…. with no income at all now……. with three kids.

  14. Someone got in my pua and reopened a new claim and it said not to do anything and my old claim still had a few thousand left on it and the new claim shows nothing please help me fix it to be back to my claim before Dec 26 ….I really need that left over money and the extension please please help me fix it

  15. I have spent hours and hours every day since Dec 27 when the CAA was signed into law. My situation is like many who were on PUA under CARES in 2020 – in that I have no documentation. That was a big part of why PUA was created in the first place – so that people who were self employed or gig workers with limited history or income would be able receive help. I knew that I would never be able to magically create any such documentation, so with the new requirement – I have tried and tried to get an answer about what I am supposed to do. I have had several phone calls and chat sessions with NC DES (I am in NC), and as of this morning Jan 9 – they have updated my account page and now everything appears as it had for 39 weeks in 2020 – ready for me to certify. But I don’t have the information about whether I can – or am supposed to – or what will happen with none of this new CAA documentation – which is not explained, detailed or clarified anywhere. If I don’t certify today, I will lose that weeks link and miss out on money I desperately need. I have been using the PUA payments for all of my expenses and am not – even though I am homeless – on any other assistance including SNAP or rental assistance (that came too late for me). I will starve or freeze to death without the money but am afraid of being told I am committing fraud or be told I have to pay it all back and then (when I won’t be able to) have either my credit ruined, be charged with criminal charges, or something else terrible. What are people like me supposed to do?

    1. dj,
      I Sincerely hope that UC in your state is making good on your claim extension. It sounds like you need it BAD….
      If you’re page is up and running again, it is okay for you to continue filing, as you had for the 39 weeks in 2020. Pua was set up for people who are looking for work, or cannot work during the pandemic, because of the pandemic, or who have very limited work history, or who do side jobs ‘under the table.’ There is an option that was set up to back-date your claim if you missed the last couple of weeks.
      Snap is also giving out the Maximum amount until June. There is still time for you to file for January, using expidited Snap.
      Also, if you were living in any kind of Federal-backed housing during 2020, then you could potentially have a case with legal-aid for losing your apt/home if you were renting.
      I wish you the best of luck ☺️.
      ~ Crystal ❤️☯️

    2. dj,
      Oh, also, one more thing that I forgot to add,
      When your UC page was set up again like it was last year, that was the indication that you should go ahead to start filing again. Even if you don’t get paid, or you get weird error codes and messages, you just still need to keep filing every week.
      There are many glitches in the system, and most people in our situations were given little to no ‘proper’ guidance’ on what to do.
      The only difference between us (benefits exhausted BEFORE 12/26/2020), and the people who still had a balance as of 12/27/2020, is how the language of the CARES was written, and how the UC computer systems are set up. If you were given the go-ahead last year to file, and your situation is unchanged due to the pandemic, then it should not be considered fraud and you have every right to claim weeks. If you missed filing weeks because you were not sure of what to do, the PUA portal has an option to backdate your re-opened claim.
      Best of Luck ,
      ~ Crystal in PA ☯️❤️

  16. Hi so I’m from Mississippi and I’ve only received a month of unemployment and my COVID claim says inactive but has almost $4000 in it. I was on PUA then they switched me to regular ui amd that claim is active. But I am not sure why my COVID claim is inactive with a balance. But I already received one payment of the $300 but not sure if I’ll still get in and why my covid claim is inactive

    1. Im not sure why you were switched from one claim to the next but in my experience, during last summer after being denied regular UI, I was placed on PUA and receiving benefits. After waiting hours on hold, I reached an agent with questions on why I was denied reg UI since I worked 2 jobs with plenty income and to refile for UI. I was told by the agent that I can refile if that’s what I want but you can’t have 2 active claims. You will either receive regular UI or you will recieve PUA, or whatever other existing claim you were approved for, but you can’t receive from both even if it shows exsiting funds still available to you. Also the PUA program is supposed to be for the people who aren’t approved for reg UI or who have exhausted there UI funds.

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