Why is it Taking so Long to File my Unemployment Benefits Insurance Claim and Get The Extended and Additional $600 Stimulus Payments. Plus other FAQs.

The error below is symptomatic of what many Americans are seeing on their state’s unemployment insurance website when filing a claim for new, extended or additional payments under new UI stimulus provisions.

As of 2:30 today the [insert your state’s UI] system is experiencing slowness. Our IT team is making adjustments to restore the system to full capacity. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience while we work to resolve these issues.

This is the number one reason state UI websites are down. It’s due to the massive rise in claim filings that are 100x normal in some states. All this due to the Coronavirus induced economic shutdown. Other reasons are the new provisions that extend benefits for 13 weeks and provide an additional $600 to the maximum payout until July 2020.

Calling the state UI number to file your UI benefits claim is not much better with many Americans reporting hours of on-hold time (and some outright hang ups). This is what is on the N.Y. unemployment insurance benefits website confirming this and their approach to manage the massive influx of new claimants. This will likely be followed in other states.

Please do NOT call our unemployment hotline with questions about extended benefits — this helps us keep our phone lines available for your fellow New Yorkers who need to file new claims. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

If you are filing a new unemployment insurance claim, the day you should file is based on the first letter of your last name. If your last name starts with A – F, file your claim on Monday. For last names starting with G – N, file your claim on Tuesday. For last names starting with O – Z, file your claim on Wednesday. If you missed your filing day, file your claim on Thursday, Friday or Saturday. Filing later in the week will not delay your payments or affect the date of your claim, since all claims are effective on the Monday of the week in which they are filed.

Feel free to share your story or any tips to file your claim faster.

Here are some other frequently asked questions that I am seeing on this topic.

Question – I just finally received my instructions on how to certify my weekly hours for PARTIAL unemployment insurance (UI) 2 weeks after applying. Will people who are filing or already on PARTIAL unemployment receive the full $600 a week on top of state unemployment insurance? Or will the $600 only be applied if you’re collecting/filed for FULL unemployment insurance benefits?

Answer – Honestly the answer is still up in the air as the DOL has not released detailed guidelines to the states yet. That’s probably why you cannot find an answer. My guess based on what I am seeing is that the extra stimulus will be proportionate to your partial employment payment (likely) or if it is applied as liberally as stated in the CARES act then everyone on UI will get the full $600 payment. I’ll update this post as I soon as I get confirmation.

6 thoughts on “Why is it Taking so Long to File my Unemployment Benefits Insurance Claim and Get The Extended and Additional $600 Stimulus Payments. Plus other FAQs.


    I have received my weekly unimployment benefit but not the extra 600. I was layed off 3/15/2020 who will be sending this extra. Does it come straight to my direct deposit or thru some othr source

    1. Andys2i Post author

      Will be added in after mid April. Still being processed by state UI agencies

  2. Andys2i Post author

    It really depends on your states systems. More advanced ones will automatically extend your benefits for 13 weeks under new laws in addition to the $600 stimulus payment through July 2020. But older systems may require to go back in and reactivate your benefits. State UI systems are still being updated with new federal stimulus rules, so hang in there for some clearer guidance

  3. Cynthia Patternac

    Unfortunately my benefits ended March 3rd in the midst of our National Emergency. I still have access to the UI site with my pin, but there is no communication of an extension to be filed? Furthermore, I called and they know nothing of an extension? I have no income whatsoever…Please help

    I am eligible?

    1. Emely Calcano

      We’re you able to get more information on Extension ? I am having the same problem … I exhausted my benefits recently and I am not sure if I am somehow supposed to reapply because my claim is still showing as active but don’t see any option for extension.

      1. Andys2i Post author

        Extension and additional UI will be automatically applied. But still not available in all states due to processing issues


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