Why The Additional $600 Unemployment Compensation Insurance Benefit and Extension in 2020 is a BIG Deal And Payment Status

Under the latest Coronavirus stimulus bill (CARES act) unemployment compensation insurance has been extended by 13 weeks and boosted by adding $600 per week for up to four months, on top of what beneficiaries normally receive from states. It also expands eligibility for unemployment checks to self-employed people and independent contractors. More details and specific state payment dates shown below.

When will the $600 Unemployment Benefit Payment Start?

The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) has now provided guidance to states for implementation of the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) programs and the $600 per week extra unemployment (FPUC) approved under the CARES act. While most state labor departments and unemployment agencies have implemented the enhanced unemployment programs, they have been very slow in getting payments out due to issues with updating policies and systems to accommodate the mandated changes. As a result state UI agency websites are behind on processing the additional $600 p/week payment to eligible recipients. Payments to those already receiving unemployment should be automatic, while others or newly unemployed will need to (re-)apply for the UI payments. The table at the end of the post shows states who are now paying the $600 payment based on their State Labor/UI website.

Will I get the full $600? The $600 is added to whatever amount you are currently getting in terms of regular unemployment insurance compensation (UIC), whether it’s the minimum or the maximum. So for example even if you are only getting $50 a week in unemployment benefits today you will still get the full $600 through the next four months (July 31, 2020) which is mandated in the stimulus bill. Note: regular state unemployment compensation includes UCFE, UCX, PEUC, PUA, EB, STC, TRA, and DUA.

Also note that the $600 weekly FPUC payment is paid retroactively. The DOL has specified that states who agree to participate and take the federal funding for the enhanced benefit program under the CARES act must provide retroactive payments to individuals eligible for FPUC for the weeks they would have been entitled. So assuming your state agrees to take part in the DOL program at the end of March (and most states have done so) payments would be effective starting with the week ending 4/5/20. So, if it takes your state UI agency until mid-April to actually start the payments, they will be retroactive back to 4/5/20.

The $600 only applies to those who are receiving regular or PUA state unemployment benefits. If your state said that you don’t qualify for any amount of unemployment compensation, then you do not get the $600 either. The bill also waived the 7 day waiting period for new claims or if you lost your job due to any COVID-19 related reason. So you can file as soon as you get laid off or lose income as a self employed person.

Do part time workers or those getting partial UIC qualify for the $600 unemployment stimulus?

Yes. The Department of Labor (DOL) issued Unemployment Insurance Guidance Letter 15-20 (UIPL 15-20) that alludes to the fact that individuals who are entitled to receive regular unemployment compensation (UC) will also receive the $600 flat weekly payment through July 31, 2020. There is no minimum limit of unemployment compensation that is specified in the DOL guidelines, so even qualifying for a partial amount (i.e the case for part time employees) would qualify the employee for the $600 weekly payment. See more for part-time workers on getting this payment.

State by State Status on $600 payment

The following table shows how the current state administered maximums would increase with the supplementary $600 provision and which states are now paying these. However the roll-out of the enhanced UIC payments for those able to file new claims has been much slower than planned (see details). This information is changing daily so please let me know if you see an changes and I always recommend checking your local state labor or unemployment site to get the official payment dates specific to your claim.

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State$600 Supplementary FPUC Payment StatusState Max. Weekly Benefit Amount (WBA)Max WBA with $600 FPUCPUA Amount
AlabamaActive from 4/11. Retroactive to 3/29.$275$875$275
AlaskaFrom 4/13 (retroactive to 3/29)$370$970$370
ArizonaActive week starting 4/13 (retroactive to 3/29)$240$840$240
ArkansasActive week starting 4/13 (retroactive to 3/29)
$451$1,051 $451
CaliforniaActive (from April 11)$450$1,050 $175
ColoradoActive from April 20th$618$1,218 $618
ConnecticutActive from 4/16 (retroactive to 4/4)$649$1,249 $649
DelawareFrom April 5th (first to roll out)$400$1,000 $400
District of ColumbiaFrom 4/27 (retroactive to w/ending 4/4)$444$1,044 $444
FloridaFrom 4/12 (retroactive to w/ending 4/4)$275$875$275
GeorgiaFrom 4/4 and paid 4/19$365$965$365
HawaiiPaid from 4/21 (retroactive to w/ending 4/4)$648$1,248 $648
IdahoFirst payment: 4/24/20. Available 4/28/20. Retroactive to 3/29$448$1,048 $448
IllinoisActive from 4/6 (retroactive to 3/29)$484$1,084$484
IndianaFrom 4/20 (retroactive to 3/29)$390$990$390
IowaFrom 4/16$481$1,081 $481
KansasFrom 4/23 (retroactive to March 29th)$488$1,088 $488
KentuckyFrom 4/4$552$1,152 $552
LouisianaFrom 4/20 (retroactive to March 29th)$247$847$247
MaineFrom 4/16 (retroactive to w/ending 4/4)$445$1,045 $445
MarylandFrom 4/17 (retroactive to w/ending 4/4)$430$1,030 $430
MassachusettsPaid from 4/10 (retroactive to w/ending 4/4)$823$1,423 $823
MichiganActive from 4/10 (retroactive to w/ending 4/4)$362$962$362
MinnesotaFrom 4/5$462$1,062 $462
MississippiPaid from 4/10 (retroactive to w/ending 4/4)$235$835$235
MissouriActive 4/12 (retroactive to 3/29)$320$920$320
MontanaFrom 4/13 (retroactive to w/ending 4/4)$552$1,152 $552
NebraskaFrom 4/17 (retroactive to w/ending 4/4)$440$1,040 $440
NevadaActive from 4/12 (retroactive to w/ending 4/4)$469$1,069 $469
New HampshireFrom 4/20 (retroactive to w/ending 4/4)$427$1,027 $427
New JerseyActive 4/14 (for the week of March 30th)$713$1,313 $713
New MexicoFrom 4/13 (retroactive to w/ending 4/4)$511$1,111 $511
New YorkActive (payments begin 4/5)$504$1,104 $504
North CarolinaFirst Payments by April 17$350$950$350
North DakotaWeek of April 14$618$1,218 $618
OhioActive from 4/23 (retroactive to w/ending 4/4)$480$1,080 $480
OklahomaFrom 4/20 (retroactive to w/ending 4/4)$539$1,139 $539
OregonFrom 4/10 (retroactive to w/ending 4/4)$648$1,248 $648
PennsylvaniaActive from 4/12$572$1,172 $572
Puerto RicoNo info$190$790$190
Rhode IslandActive from 4/14$586$1,186 $586
South CarolinaFrom 4/18$326$926$326
South DakotaFrom 4/10 (retroactive to w/ending 4/4)$414$1,014 $414
TennesseeFrom 4/14$275$875$275
TexasActive from 4/13 and being paid per comments$521$1,121 $521
UtahActive from 4/9 (retroactive to w/ending 4/4)$580$1,180 $580
VermontFrom 4/5 (retroactive to w/ending 4/4)$513$1,113 $513
VirginiaActive from 4/12 (retroactive to w/ending 4/4)$378$978$378
WashingtonFrom 4/18 (retroactive to 3/29)$790$1,390 $790
West VirginiaFrom 4/20 (retroactive to w/ending 4/4)$424$1,024 $424
WisconsinFrom 4/26 (Retroactive to 4/4)$370$970$370
WyomingFrom 4/27 (retroactive to w/ending 4/4)$508$1,108 $508

Naturally the above flat weekly increases are creating controversy as the new maximums could exceed what workers make from normal jobs and actually encourage employees to temporarily lay off employers while things are slowed down due to the Coronavirus induced shutdowns.

Will I get the $600 payment if I owe the IRS money or pay child support?

Individuals who currently have a debt with the IRS (or other government agencies) are still eligible for the $600 payment even if 100% of their weekly benefit amount is currently intercepted. Child support obligations however must be deducted from FPUC payments in the same manner and to the same extent as these obligations are deducted from regular UIC. Generally one-half of your $600 payment will be deducted and applied to your court ordered or voluntary child support or repayment of an UI over payment.

Since unemployment benefits are administered at the state level, please check your state’s UI website and file a claim to confirm your specific entitlement. Also note that the $600 payment is taxable and will be shown as income in your 1099G.

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534 thoughts on “Why The Additional $600 Unemployment Compensation Insurance Benefit and Extension in 2020 is a BIG Deal And Payment Status


  2. If I owe unemployment and is still on my penalty week well I still receive my extra $600
    State of California

    1. We are in the same boat we have paid back all of our overpayment but they are still making us wait out our penalty weeks but I am wondering if we will still get the $600. I am in ohio tho

    2. The 1 week “lag” has been waived. You should not have a “penalty week” or anything. You should call your EDD office if you were not paid for the initial week when you filed.

  3. Andy2i

    I am eligible for UI and have been paid for two weeks which went on a prepaid cc they said I would receive in mail soon.
    I get 275 per week but am having 200 per month taken out due to a previous overpayment by UI.
    I am staying compliant and have been seeing 124 per week going into my card. How are they arriving at taking 150 each week from benefit. Also when will the 600 start being added. Im in Minnesota.
    Thanks much. Broke and confused.. Eddie

  4. So if my benefits is about to end this month and i certify on the 13th of April will i get $600 or $1200 since its $600 a week. Will i get an extension?

  5. So if my benefits is about to end this month and i certify on the 13th of April will i get $600 or $1200 since its $700 a week. Will i get an extension?

  6. If my daughter only had her job for a couple weeks and then got laid off due to the virus to she still qualify for unemployment

    1. Ask her to file with her state UI. It is worth filing to see if she gets any UI under new stimulus funding.

  7. I have the same question as below. I am working half my hours now, make too much for state UI weekly max, still file my claim every week. I am still not making enough to cover my bills. Will I get the $600 per week because my hours are reduced?

    Has anyone determined if workers that are on partial furlough and are making too much on their reduced pay to qualify for unemployment will get the 600.00 anyway?

      1. Your update states “even if only earning $1”, I am in the situation where I qualify for benefits however due to the amount I make on reduced hours I receive $0 each week. Yes, I am still earning, but it is half of what I was earning before the pandemic. Do I still qualify to receive the $600? You state yes, but do we have to earn some UI each week?

    1. Have you received an answer to this question? I am in the same situation but I can’t find any answers.

    2. I am in the same boat as many other employees in my facility. We have 20% reduction in hours but our gross is still above the weekly max benefit rate, and therefore it reduces our UI benefit to $0. This doesn’t make sense because if our hours were reduced more, we would then be made whole by the state without working. Is there any relief for us?

  8. I live in CA, and I was laid off March 16, 2020, due to the Corona Virus. I received my first UIB check, but without the increase (600 each week). Will, they back pay me?

    Thank you!

    1. Yes. Most state UI agencies will back pay to early April. But it is at their discretion and you need to check the State UI site. CA has not published official guidelines on retroactive UI pay, but I imagine they will follow federal guidelines and back date April 4th
      Note – It takes at least three weeks to process a claim for unemployment benefits and issue payment to most eligible workers.

  9. From alabama my last day of work was the 23rd of march due to shutdown from covid 19 I file the same day will I be eligible for the extra 600 dollars

  10. I file my claim November 2019 but I am still unemployed because of the cold or virus will I get the additional $600 from the stimulus package my claim is still on going I am not working right now because of the virus

    1. Yes you will be eligible. See reasons below under new law.

      – You have temporarily or permanently lost your job or had your hours reduced because of COVID-19.
      – A healthcare professional or health authority recommended or ordered you to avoid contact with others due to COVID-19.
      – You have been ordered not to come to their workplace due to an outbreak of COVID-19.
      – You have received notification from a school district, daycare, or other childcare provider that either classes are canceled or your usual childcare is unavailable, as long as you made a reasonable effort to find other childcare and requested time off or other accommodation from your employer and no reasonable accommodation was available.

      1. My last unemployment payment was issued in North Carolina on April 5th because my benefits are now exhausted though my benefit year doesn’t end until September. I see no option to file a new claim on the website and they are not taking calls. N.C. are to begin issuing payments April 17 but I don’t know if I will receive them or when if I do. There’s no way to getin contact with anyone. What should I do or expect?

  11. I was self-employed as a contract worker (ie “gig worker”) and had to stop working mid-March due to COVID-19 personal health concerns as a “high risk” person. I was working full time for years, but doing contract work paid by 1099 forms. My kids are also now home from school through the end of this school year due to COVID-19, so I cannot work. I filed UI in AZ on 3/24. Got a letter saying I have no “base pay”, so no benefits as “monetarily ineligible”. I filed a wage protest and sent in my last 5 quarters of pay info, as instructed. I then called and waited on hold for hours, and was told all of those “disqualifications” for being self-employed/contract worker were being removed now that the Federal bill passed. I have been filing weekly claims anyway, as instructed. However, today, online my case now reads “benefits exhausted” and to apply back again in July. I have never claimed before, so unsure how it could be “exhausted”? And what about at least the $600 per week that is supposed to help people like me? Or am I just screwed?

    1. Now there is a loan to apply for if you are self employed and you can apply for up to $1000 per employee at first I forgot the amount of the max somewhere around $50,000 but the loan is forgivable for anything dealing with payroll

      1. Just to clarify you have to request the entire loan amount all at once but they will make $1000 of it quick access and the loan is only forgivable for 8 weeks so don’t think anything past that is gonna be free money it is exactly what it says after that point a LOAN

  12. My daughter worked part time as a waitress in SC they were forced to close their dining room so no need for any servers so she lost her job .She applied for unemployment and got a letter this week that she was eligible for partial unemployment will she be eligible for the extra $600 00 or not.

  13. This $600.00 we will be getting, will we be paying the tax on this if we don’t have it deducted now at end of year, tax time I mean?

    1. Yes. Will be taxable income like all other UI income. But this could change if DOL rules this as a tax credit

      1. what a joke to give money and then say it is a “tax credit” The working people are still paying taxes out of every paycheck. Did anyone give them a break on taxes!!!

  14. I live in Florida worked in a resturantthat was ordered to close due to virus.i filed for unemployment on 3/20.had to claim my weeks on march 31st.i claimed my 1st week which was from 3/15-3/21. I submitted that week but didn’t give an option to claim my 2nd week 3/22-3/28
    My last date to claim is April 9th.why wouldn’t it let me claim that 2nd week

  15. I have been collecting unemployment since November and just returned back to work today with the same landscaping company. Will I still get the additional $600 retroactive from whatever date it is? I’ve heard several different dates

    1. No unfortunately that $600 is only in place as far as the bill itself. You won’t be getting 600 extra dollars a week from November until you started working. That $600 will be retrograde starting the week of the 28th ending in the 5th. They’re not going to pay you for stimulus package that wasn’t even up and running for an event that wasn’t even happening at the time. I’m sorry

  16. My unemployment is suppose to be up May 5 2020, will I need to reapply for the extra 13 weeks or will it automatically keep going?

    1. Should keep going automatically (you have to keep recertifying) but check with your state UI agency

  17. I open my claim in November, I exhausted my claim on march 21 my last payment was for week ending 03/21/20 do I get the 13 week extention n the stimilus…? Got paid 04/01/20

    1. I also have a claim ending this week and am not sure if I will be receiving the extension. Would be really helpful information to those of us running out of benefits and unable to find work amid all of this chaos.

      1. You will be eligible for extension if you are on UI benefits. State UI agencies should be rolling the new rules out soon (by mid April)

  18. I filed my unemployment 2 to 3 weeks ago and i filed my first pymt request this morning its showing the 202.00 a week but its isnt showing the 600 a week boost…..How long is it going to take to kick in and is it retroactive as well it should be but im just wanting to know how long its going to take before its attached to my my request approvals before it is direct deposited …does anybody know >

  19. I was laid off from work on 3/13/20. My first call in date for benefits were 3/30/20. Will i still receive the 600.00$ a week for those 2 weeks? I am off until ????

    1. On different websites I’ve read. It states that they will go back as far as January on this pay. Even mine from 2 weeks ago. How do i know what’s really true and accurate??? Please advise. Thank you

  20. i received 2 weeks of unemployment so far. this week i had to report that my work gave me “emergency pay” which is 50% of our weekly income over the course of avg from the beginning of the year. so i was denied due to “deductible income” my employment is going to do this for 3 weeks. unemployment wants me to fax this check stub cover sheet to show the pay from my work. i am doing that now. my ? is will i not be eligible to receive the $600 for these 3 weeks that i am receiving pay?? please help.

  21. I file my unemployment claim about week of go because my job reduce our hours. My employer told us to file unemployment so I did but went file my weekly claim last Sunday I only had two days for that week and they said that my wages was more then some. I don’t know it my first time ever fileing.

  22. My friend’s husband might get laid off due to this mess. She was telling me that he would NOT qualify for the additional 600 UI benefit because they filed their taxes “married / joint” showing a earned income of over 200k for 2019. Does it matter how much you made to get the extra 600? Or as long as he is laid off, he qualifies? Thank you!

    1. He will still qualify. But the UI is capped and the max is generally much lower than standard income, especially given what you were earning .

      1. Will I get the 600 ..I am laid off due to the covid 19.i am a bus aide and work for howard county school

  23. Hi, just got furloughed by a company due to CORVID-19 this week. If I get any temporary job during the time period before my company calling me back, do I lose the UI benefit including the $600 additional benefit? My friend works for a drugstore, and she was looking for additional help there.

  24. to all those that are worried about unemployment being paid to people and making more than you, dont forget that money was issued to businessess to help with their employees and its a lot of money. how the employers distribute it is the problem. you will see also and hugh increase due to the covid 19.. Its designed to help everyone basically. you have to first pray we live through this just to have something to fall back on. if you are dead it dont matter how much is given, its our money anyway. we pay taxes we deserve even more for the bail outs we have already indured. but its time to help each other and thank god and pray.

  25. I work as a matron on the school bus we had to open a book for those day that we get off to apply so we did and open unemployment and we can’t work because school is closed So went i go to do my claim it doesn’t say nothing about the covid 19 because I already have my claim open and I claim last week and i only got paid 125 so when we getting the 600 dollars

    1. if you have a claim already open and received money then when your state updates their system you will get the 600 extra automatically

  26. i am on unemployment and pay child support here in pa and they take it out i am behind in fl on a seperate case will i still get 600 a week xtar

  27. This is crap for the people who still have to work and make less then 600 a week. What are they going to do for the people who still have to go to work everyday and risk our lives?

    1. You can decide not to work because of the pandemic and in most cases people qualify for unemployment. So it is totally up to you if you want to temporarily leave your job in the meantime. Someone I knew did the same thing because they wouldn’t let her work from home. This is also in Seattle where the whole thing started. She can still qualify for unemployment regardless of it being her choice. We are in a state of emergency.

    2. In what state do you live and what do for a living? I’m a meat packing house employee, I’m among the crucial personal to feed the nation, and I don’t have the choice to stay home and collect UIB, if I don’t show up for work cause I’m afraid of catching covid19, then I get fired and I can’t collect unemployment, so I pit myself and my family at risk, but still have a job, people that can get the $600.00 of federal aid is for four months only, but what will happen to them after that time if pandemic is not finish by then yet? I prefer to risk myself and my family, I will take the necesary steps to lessen the risk of getting infected, there’s people that makes a living of tips like restaurant waitress and the unemployment benefits will be minimum and everything else is in jeopardy. so if you are not on my situation you my qualify for UIB in your state. Go head isolate yourself if is what you want, I have benefits I don’t want to loose like, health, dental and vision insurance, and 401k.

  28. HI,

    I live in FL and my pay was reduced to minimum wage and I currently make more than $275 a week (by $60) and seems I currently do not qualify. However, in 4/5 it seems the new threshold is about $800 which i currently do not make a week. I am also behind now on all my bills/rent. Will i qualify for UI after 4/5?

  29. Chill ….. everyone that is on unemployment , just filed, recently ended , or whatever! From min to max unemployment benifits you will get the 600!! Enjoy your day!!!

  30. I see this question has been asked, but I can’t find an answer. If I qualify for unemployment, but work some hours which reduces my amount paid by unemployment or some weeks I may not get a check at all. Will I still receive the extra 600.00?

    1. Yes you will still get the extra 600.00, as long as you file each week and repost your earnings if any.

  31. my daughter was supposed to start her new job but then the Covid-19 prevented her from starting her job she is also homeless. can she apply for UI?

    1. Does she worked at all during the past two years? she needs to have work history and earnings in order to qualify for unemployment benefits.

  32. Screw you Don. I make more than this I I’ll have to make due. Also the way unemployment works is you have a set amount to use in a year. Also this 600 is very temporary then you can feel safe knowing that poor people will go back to being poor. Quit watching Fox News

    1. Dude his post is way up there you gotta hit reply lol he’s never gonna know about your retort

  33. Has anyone determined if workers that are on partial furlough and are making too much on their reduced pay to qualify for unemployment will get the 600.00 anyway?

    1. Depends how your state sets up your PUA you should qualify but its gonna be a while waiting for them to implement it

  34. My work shut down because of the virus, but when I was filing my UI claim, I dont think there was a “coronavirus” option for why I was put of work. Will I still get the 600 even if I didnt choose that option as to why I’m out of work?

    1. yes just file a regular claim for now and then when the option becomes available look into that or call someone at the unemployment office and they,ll tell you what to do

  35. This is Shelley again…beings though my benefits exhausted March 22,2020 will I have to reapply for unemployment benefits and the stimulus

    1. You should check your state UI website, but if your claim is still active you may automatically get extended and additional benefits

  36. I live in Nj and my benefits exhausted on March 22, 2020 am I entitled to anything? As of now I have a balance of zero to claim.

  37. So let me get this straight. All the unemployed people are going to be bringing in way more a week then the (essential ) working class will be for the next four months. Am I the only one outraged by this ???

      1. I am an essential business-Veterinarian. I have had to really decrease my staff’s hours due to only seeing sick animals and trying to hold off on routine stuff. Most of my staff is hourly and some are part time. I need them to help work and keep my business going. I have applied for SBA and PPP loans. With this unemployment package, NONE of my staff should work for the next 4 months, BUT I NEED THEM. My part timers especially NEVER make $600/ week!! What should I suggest? Can I somehow have them get some of unemployment?

    1. So you prefer to be laid off? Guess what, if millions of people applying for unemployment are making the bare minimum they will not have money to out back into the economy and keep it going. You prefer them to live scraping pennies to buy food and groceries? Be thankful you have a job right now. Eventually unemployment will run out and who knows if their job will come back so yes giving them a extra is a good idea for the long term., Stop thinking about what is in your own pocket and look at the bigger picture.,

    2. Well maybe, just maybe if you really thought about the situation for a second you would realize that you’re mad at the people hurt by this virus right now, instead of the person that purposely downplayed the risk of the virus and potentially killed hundreds of thousands of people so he could sell stocks and make money off this. The only reason they have to make those extra $600 payments instead of just a slight increase in benefits is because of the way this situation was handled from the very beginning so how about you stop harassing the victims and place that blame where it actually belongs

    3. I am also confused regarding the extra $600.00. I am an essential worker and my hours have been cut from 40 hours a week to 25 hours a week. I work in Health Care so I cannot file for unemployment even if my hours are cut more. I am actively looking for ways to supplement my income and will take any position that becomes available. I hope people receiving this $600.00 bonus will do the same. I try to stay positive, but I feel when the government hands out money to some, they take advantage of the situation.

    4. That is how it’s supposed to work. Right now, essential workers have a paycheck. Non-essential workers are staying home so the essential workers can do their jobs and stay ahead of the virus. Essential workers will get hazard and bonus pay, but it might be in the 5th round. It’ll happen, we all know you essential workers deserve it. (PS- For many of us, the 600 isn’t over our regular paychecks. Added to our UI amount, it’s still less than our normal weekly pay.)

  38. I started recieving UI a few weeks ago. My benefits would be available for 12 months but the maximum benefit will actually be paid out in 9. Does this extend the UI even though I no longer have funds available?

  39. My ui benefits end on April 12th will I automatically receive the extension by then or will I have to reaaply

    1. You’re safe but there my be a slight gap between then and the full implementation of the bill

  40. I’ve lost my job due to the virus and now i can’t pay my child support. Im hearing that people who child support won’t be getting stimulus help. I don’t think that’s it fair that my child support is still going up!

  41. I have been receiving unemployment benefits since November. I understand that an automatic extension will be given, however will the a $600 per week continue past the extension period? The $600.00 per week is for a 4 month period?
    Thank you!

  42. What about if the weekly UIB balances to $0? The state approves the claim, but the UIB weekly is set at $180 and the 19 hours of work (reduced from 40) amounts to $345. This zeros outs the state UIB showing a total $0.00. Would this situation still receive the $600?


    1. Sorry it says as long as you qualify for $1 in UI you get the $600 so if you don’t qualify for $1 you won’t get it that week but that doesn’t mean you won’t qualify in future weeks depending on how much you work

  43. Hi I just started getting bennifits because I cant work due to school closures technically I am still employed I just cant work because of the situation….will I also get the 600?

  44. My employer still wants us to work whenever work comes in. It has been between 10 to 20 hours a week so far. He wants us to file for unemployment (which i did two weeks ago). Will we get the full 600 dollars even if we work 10 to 20 hours a week. On a side not if they take 50 percent out of state and federal there is not point of working.

  45. I started a job on 9/18/2019 and our office is now shut down due to the corona virus. I tried to file for unemployment and the said I wasn’t eligible because the said the go from 10/2018 to 10/2019. I don’t understand. Someone please help me understand

    1. Les after 4/5 the Unemployment Benefits will be going to the next calendar year so your quarterly information will be down loaded automatically into the system and then you will be eligible

  46. I live in Arkansas and when will we start seeing the additional $600 added to our weekly benefits?

  47. No. If you already get UI you will automatically get new stimulus payments and extended duration of benefits.

  48. I just received my first payment of unemployment, for week ending 3/28. When will I start receiving the additional $600?

  49. You should and should auto be added you your current payment, when made available by your state UI

  50. I have been receiving unemployment benefits since November. Will I receive the extra $600 per week and can I apply for an extension one I have exhausted my 26 weeks?

    1. I live in Texas and my benefits were exhausted Feb 18 but my case is active till Aug 15. I received an email stating that since my benefits were exhausted I would be notified if I was eligible to receive cares benefits..I’m still waiting,,.In the mean time what are the eligibility requirements and what is the amount I’m eligible to receive.

      1. PUA is at least half the state max benefits and $600 and they will automatically do everything for you so you don’t have to file anything else but it might be a few more weeks till they get around to implementing the PUA

  51. my unemployment ends in May I receive benefits from the district of Columbia $262 every week do I need to reapply or it will the $600 automatic roll over to my regular UI?

  52. I understand that individuals that were laid off due the Covid19 are eligible for unemployment, but my question is why $600 a week extra? Why not just meet 100% of earned weekly wages? What about the essential workers who risk their Health and loved ones well being? Where is their “$600” in addition to their “Earned” wages?

    1. I couldn’t agree more. I don’t understand why essential workers are expected to work and take a risk. I worry everyday I’m going to get the virus and take it home because I have to work. Paying people an extra $600 a week makes no sense. I agree with the comment that they should receive what they would normally receive if they were working. Looking at the numbers some people are probably going to be making just as much, if not more than us as essential workers. I really don’t understand the logic in what they’re doing.

      1. I can’t understand it either. I was on unemployment up until March 9th because I started a new job. Just working part time, but I felt at least I’m working! Then this whole thing with Covid started. My employer’s business is considered esstential, so I’m still working. But now people are either being laid off, or not working due to the risk of Covid. And now they are going to get a regular unemployment check, plus $600?? Gee, let’s punish those of us who worked hard trying to find a job for weeks, got a job (even though it’s not full time), now working but are actually making less than those sitting home not working! P!us, try don’t even need to apply for jobs, or had the one week wait!
        Hell, I should have just stayed on unemployment and not taken a new job!

    2. What about the president who sacrificed potentially over 100,000 citizens out of pure ego? They are passing the 4th part of the bill taking care of that but you should still always remember that the government doesn’t care about you they just wanted the $500,000,000,000 bailout package that came with this for big corporations

      1. Besides don’t get mad because someone is making a livable wage probably for the first time in their life. Instead why don’t you try getting mad that the people who have been constantly fighting to keep your rate of pay so low for the past 20 years?

  53. I worked all of 2017 but then took off to study full time. I was supposed to start a new job this summer, but it did not go through due to the virus. Unfortunately I don’t have any paper work for work history in 2018? Will I be able to collect the 600 per week. I am in Florida. I already filled for unemployment as suggested. However my claim came back as denied due to lack of work history. Would I be still able to collect the 600?

  54. Hello my question is when will the 600 add funds start to get added to our bennifits? For instance I file on 4/5/2020 will it be added this time or the next time?

      1. I mean I’ve been collecting already for two months. We in California do our s bi monthly. It shows that it will be applying thru the 5th of April then in two weeks the same. Should I not receive it since it’s week ending 4/5?

  55. Found this, Its North Carolina but Im guess it will probably be around the same time …

    “We expect to receive guidance from the U.S. Department of Labor later this week about how to implement the changes, including the change that allows for an additional $600 in weekly unemployment benefits…..the additional $600 will be for weeks ending April 4 to July 31.

    Officials also revealed that those extra payments will begin going out about two weeks after guidance is provided.

    And, an important item, any benefits that are owed will be paid retroactively, officials said.

  56. I have only been at my job for 6 wks and we shut down due to coronavirus. That is the only work history I have and the unemployment office in MS tells me that i do not qualify for any benefits but i know that i should at least qualify for the extra $600. Can someone tell me if this is correct?

    1. That’s is correct, but your MS UI office needs their systems updated for you to reapply

  57. I receive unemployment benefits already I got hired to two jobs and then I could not start work due to the corona do I qualify for the extra $600

  58. I live in Michigan. I’ve had my hours reduced 50%. Do I qualify for unemployment and will I receive the $600 benefit?

  59. Will the new $600 add on occur retroactive to the date of a claim . I just triggered last week’s UI .

  60. Is the $600 retro active. My last day will be March 31st. I live in Virginia I have been furloughed

      1. The $600 doesn’t start until the week of 4/5/2020 so no you won’t get back pay for March. If it takes your state a few weeks to get it up and running for you to start receiving the $600 they will back pay starting the week of the 5th.

  61. Will people who are filing for partial unemployment receive the full $600 a week on top of state UI insurance? I cannot find an answer to this

    1. If your employer applies for a Short-Time Compensation plan, then you would be eligible to receive additional partial unemployment benefits*. This additional benefit would be 20% of what you would get on full unemployment. Ex: if your weekly full unemployment benefit is $300, then you would get an additional $60/week, or $240/month.

      Sources: https://oui.doleta.gov/unemploy/docs/stc_fact_sheet.pdf
      *This may only be for some states, which are listed at the link above.

        1. Would the ST Compensation then INCLUDE the $600/week also??? That is an important thing. Again, my part time Veterinary staff usually doesn’t make $600/week anyway so if they went on full unemployment-even as part timers -IF they would get an extrra $600/week along with some unemployment, my staff will not want to work because they will make MUCH more money being unemployed. So, if they could get $600 WHILE still working for me shortened hours, that would be phenominal!!!

  62. I work for a non-profit and they are currently still paying us until they can’t. They said that we will all be laid off by June. My question is if I am laid off in May or June will I still get the extra $600 per week? Is there a specified period we are entitled to the extra $600? Thanks.

  63. I’m from Minnesota and have been laid off all winter cuz I’m a seasonal worker. (can’t work excavation in the winter months) Anyways my unemployment ran out 3 weeks ago so my question is, since they implemented an extension on unemployment benefits will I get back paid for them 3 weeks? There was no money left in my account but I still filled out my weekly benefit cuz I figured they’d be giving out extensions. Also would we get back paid the $600 also? Thanks any information would be great.

    1. Ya know , i live in R.I. , but worked in Connecticut , my company closed down completely last September . I just got a letter from Connecticut that there was no extension to unemployment benefits I collected my 26 weeks , I know there is more money hidden somewhere , which sucks , but , I have been scanning everywhere for an answer , I know there is one somewhere , no one is actually supplying any real answers ! I don’t know what to do , I have also been on the Pandemic Emergency Unemployment , I even got through to The Goverment Department Of Labor and they sent me down a dead end , uuuggghhh

  64. Im on unemployment in pa do u know when I should see the $600 increase because it is not showing up for this week check

      1. By mid-April is what I am hearing. But depends state to state. Due to the surge in new applicants and new rules to update systems with, things are taking longer

        1. The $600 doesn’t start until the week of 4/5/2020 so you won’t see it this week. You may see it next week but not guaranteed because states may be behind but you will receive back pay for it if it’s a few weeks before it starts sending out

  65. Good afternoon. I reside in Florida and my unemployment recently exhausted. My claim began last year November. Will I be eligible for the continuance and will I have to re-apply to receive said benefits? Thank you.

  66. Question….. I have my hours cut by 45%.. I’m supposed to be on the Workshare program – so I can continue to work 55% of the time.. That puts me on unemployment (receiving about $162/week to help subsidize my income. Please tell me I will receive the Federal $600 as well as the small unemployment..
    This is within the State of Michigan.

  67. My question is sort of the same as above. I worked 1 full week and two days, I was hired on Fulltime 40 hours a week. I am from MN, I applied for unemployment and received this notice this AM:
    Pending issues have been identified with your account. You are not currently authorized to receive payment

    You can Request Payment or View and Maintain your account online Monday through Friday from 6:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. (Central Time)

    So my question is will I still get the additional money from the Gov even if I am not getting unemployment but am in the system?

  68. my last day of work was 3/20. on UI website, it says effective date 3/9/20.
    furthermore, in payment history it says week ending 3/15/20 and release date shows 3/27/20

    1. is this how you are showing the waived date? I want to make sure it is known my last day of work was 3/20.

    ALSO my benefit only indicates my weekly benefit amount as 504.00
    this does NOT INCLUDE the 600. when will the 600 start to see in the check? will it be retroactive ?

    thank you

  69. my last day of work was 3/20. on UI website, it says effective date 3/9/20.
    furthermore, in payment history it says week ending 3/15/20 and release date shows 3/27/20

    1. is this how you are showing the waived date? I want to make sure it is known my last day of work was 3/20.

    ALSO my benefit only indicates my weekly benefit amount as 504.00
    this does NOT INCLUDE the 600. when will the 600 start to see in the check? will it be retroactive ?

    thank you

  70. I feel like there is a skirting around the question whether or not the 600.00 will be back dated when it finally starts. What is the effective start date for the 600.00 stimulus payment? and I’m confused about the ui regular payment has that increased as well or does that stay the same at like 55 percent of earned income.

    1. The article says that the $600 is retroactive. Payments are effective starting with the week ending 4/5/20. So, if it takes them until mid-April to actually start the payments, they will be retroactive back to 4/5/20. The $600 only applies to those who are receiving unemployment benefits. If your state said that you don’t qualify for UI, then you do not get the $600 either. The bill also waived the 7 day waiting period for new claims.

  71. if you are not even getting the max now for state bc you did not make that much being employed do you not get the additional 600 or are they just raising the max you can get a additional 600 for those who are not getting as much as they should bc of the cut off already in place? i am not understanding sorry

    1. Even if you are only getting $50 a week in unemployment you will still get the $600. The $600 is added to whatever amount you are currently getting, whether it’s the minimum or the maximum.

  72. If my unemployment expires in April. Will I get to extend my unemployment. And do I get the 600.00 back paid. Thru March ? I live in Texas

      1. No Andy. The $600 starts effective the week ending 4/5/20, so it would not be backdated to March. The claim would be extended though.

  73. So I live in the state of Georgia my hours where cut in half my unemployment is 189 a week. I am getting less money then people not working. I put my self at risk 5 days a week. I put my diabetic high risk daughter at risk by not knowing what I bring home from work. Where is the fairness is that. Stay home get rewarded got to work get screwed over. People not working at all will make at least 3x the money I make working reduced Hours. We are getting less benefits that’s fair we still have some form of income but to take the 600$ away from us is like punishing us for putting yourself in a danger zone

    1. You’ve already got the unemployment filed and you’re getting $189 per week now? I’m trying to clarify that you have been approved for it already and that you are indeed getting the money?
      If that’s the case, just sit tight and keep doing what you’re doing. Once this stimulus bill goes into full effect and states start paying out the federal money you will get the money from your part time work as well as that $189 unemployment, with another $600 per week from the federal payout. That $600 is only for four months though, so try to save a bit of it. Your regular unemployment should also be boosted an additional 13 weeks. Also, because you are still working part time, you’re probably not taking the usual full benefit amount per week, so you would have a lot more weeks of unemployment than somebody who was laid-off outright.

      I fully support anybody such as yourself who is really keeping this country going right now. I don’t think the bill was thought through by anybody who signed it and once payments start it’s stories like yours that are going to really bring that to light. Please try to remain calm and know that many of us are grateful for your service in these times. More help is on the way. :)

    2. I’m reading your comment and am confused as I too am working part time getting partial unemployment. I understood we would also be getting the additional $600 per week. It hasn’t started in Maine yet but from the information I have been reading you should be getting it as well. Hope you and your family make out ok.

    3. Isabel…I agree! I just got a new job, after being on unemployment, and only getting $90 a week. So I took a job, working part time. But hey…If I would have stayed on unemployment, and not taken a job, I’d be making more staying at home getting $690 a week! Which is over 2X what I make working! Doesn’t make sense does it?!?

  74. I live in the state of S.C. my last unemployment check will be April 6 ( the place I worked for 19 years closed ) S.C. does not have a extension & only allowed 20 weeks. Because of bill that has passed will my unemployment be extended because of virus in my state?

    1. Yes. Up to 13 more weeks and you may also be eligible for the additional $600 p/week payment

  75. If you were laid off from a second job that was parttime , but you still work your other job, can you apply for unemployment till your back at your 2nd job

  76. How long did it take anyone who filed due to the pandemic, to finally start receiving benefits ? I filed mine 03/09 and it’s still pending :(

  77. If my hours were cut at work because of the coronavirus and I collected partial unemployment will I also get the extra $600?

    1. It depends on the state you in. I am in Georgia and they do not pay me extra my unemployment is 189 a week people not working at all, getting about 3x more then me working. This is how we get rewarded by putting our health and lives at risk

    2. Wondering the same as above! I just finally received my instructions on how to certify my weekly hours for PARTIAL unemployment insurance (UI) 2 weeks after applying in NJ (for anyone wondering where). Will people who are filing or already on PARTIAL unemployment receive the full $600 a week on top of state unemployment insurance? Or will the $600 only be applied if you’re collecting/filed for FULL unemployment insurance benefits? Been looking everywhere to try and find the answer!!

      1. Honestly the answer is still up in the air as the DOL has not released detailed guidelines to the states yet. That’s probably why you cannot find an answer. My guess based on what I am seeing is that the extra stimulus will be proportionate to your partial employment payment (likely) or if it is applied as liberally as stated in the CARES act then everyone on UI will get the full $600 payment. I’ll update this post as I soon as I get confirmation.

  78. I filed my first weekly claim today will the increase due to virus outbreak be on my first unemoloyment check,oregon

    1. I know it says child support will come out of unemployment. But has anyone actually lost most of their $600 to arrears for louisiana

  79. when does the extrra 600 unemployment start if i have been collecting b4 the bill was signed

  80. I got unemployment approved 1 day before the stimulus bill got signed. Will the $600 be added as back pay to my benifits i recieve after the bill got signed or will they just start when DOL gets it processed? And no back pay will be added additionally to my benifits i recieved after the bill was signed?

    1. I am wondering the same thing, if we will get backpay for it for weeks between when they signed the bill and when they start paying it

  81. If someone’s work hours were cut but didnt originally qualify for benefits because they still earn more than the maximum weekly benefits would they now qualify for benefits if what they earn is still less than the New Maximum Weekly Benefit with Stimulus? Would it be prorated up to the difference after factoring the additional weekly $600? Thank you.

  82. Question, not a comment :
    I currently receive an unemployment check for having a “Job Attached” claim due to weather. Does this affect my stimulus check by perhaps lowering it to $600 (the amount for non-working citizens) from the original $1200 (the amount for citizens with jobs) working citizens are projected to receive, or will I still be eligible for the full amount of stimulus money that all the other citizens with jobs are going to receive?
    I ask because being “Job Attached” means I am employed, though not working due to no fault of my own, like weather, which is the case with many of my Carpenter’s Union brothers and sisters in this area of the country (Montana).

  83. I dont see an increase in South Carolinas amounts. Does this mean they’re not adding the $600 into the unemployment checks? Mine actual claim has been calculated but I’m still waiting on employer verification. When they do verify (since I’m laid off due to the coronavirus) will the $600 already be loaded onto my benefits card?

    1. It may take a few weeks for the additional payments to come through, since just got approved today

  84. I would also like to know about the rules of how this supplemental UI income will work. Being in the maximum bracket allowed by my state witch is not even close to enough to support my family. A determination or decision would be be greatly appreciated. if anyone has a website or some info from a Proven source. Please let us know. Thank you.
    God bless and be safe out there.

    1. Yes. Unemployment compensation is taxable income. You’ll get a Form 1099-G that will tell you how much unemployment you must report on that year’s tax return. If you opted not to have taxes withheld from unemployment payments or didn’t make estimated tax payments on the amount, you’ll likely owe the IRS

  85. Who will send us this extra $600? Employer or added to unemployment check? If it comes from employer and they don’t want to pay it can they just get rid of you? My office just closed for a few weeks.

  86. will a person get 600.00 a week on unemployment, or does it depend on the state to determine how much they get

    1. Linda, the extra $600 is going to anyone who is currently on unemployment or joining now. If you already get UI, the $600 is added to that. Also, the provisions to expand UI to “gig workers” (Lyft, Uber, etc) guarantees them the $600/week, even if they aren’t on traditional UI. Hope this helps.

      1. I’m in the food service industry in WI.
        This afternoon, I read from CNBC that people who make their living primarily off of tips, will not be the people receiving the 600.00 .

        1. Not true. You will have to prove your income to get stimulus payment – so file a return and show this income. You should then get some of the stimulus.

  87. How will income be proven for 1099 and gig workers that are doing significantly better this year than they did in 2019? And, I claim my college age son as a dependent. Is he eligible for unemployment due to coronavirus?

  88. If someone only worked a short time, a couple of months before being laid off, do they still get unemployment & +600 extra?

    1. Martin, that would be determined by your state’s unemployment office. You have to have accrued a certain number of hours to be eligible for traditional unemployment. If you aren’t – you’ll still likely get the $600 which is being paid by the federal government. (to the states who will issue the payments to us). Hope this helps.

      1. Why is my neighbor who filed on 200$ and receiving 98$ for his claim in ny getting an additional 600$ a week for when he worked never even grossed that much ever,ever in his lifetime on top of that het the gets the 1200$ stimulus check when there’s other people out there that actually deserves it.

        1. The $600 payment till July 30th was approved under CARES stimulus bill (PUA act). All those who get UI are eligible for this.

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