Will There Be Another Stimulus Check or Coronavirus Economic Relief Payment in 2020

[Update] Democrats have recently passed another stimulus bill in the house, called the HEROs act, which includes another round of stimulus check payments of $1,200 per individual and $2,400 for couples. The child dependent credit was increased to $1200 (from $500) and limited to three dependents. It also addressed several issues with payment of the dependent stimulus that makes those dependents older than 17 entitled to these payments.

In addition, the proposal formalized language that automatically delivers stimulus to individuals receiving government benefits, including Social Security, Supplemental Security Income and veteran benefits.

The bill passed in the house still has to go via the Republican controlled Senate and President, so will likely take a while to get approved. I’ll continue to post updates and encourage you to subscribe via email to get the latest updates.

While Congress did pass a fourth stimulus bill, it was mainly focused on helping small business and hospitals. There were sadly no further provisions to pay additional stimulus payments to millions of Americans. What’s worse it didn’t address gaps in the existing stimulus payments like those related to the $500 Child Dependent stimulus payment where many eligible recipients have not received this much needed extra stimulus. Veterans and SSDI recipients will also like face delays in getting their $1200 and/or $500 stimulus payments given ongoing glitches with IRS systems. The $600 unemployment extra stimulus payment (FPUC) has experienced a challenging roll-out across many states with millions of newly unemployed workers struggling to file a claim to receive the $600 payment and any related retroactive compensation they are due.

However many in Congress, especially Democrats, continue to push for further stimulus payments in summer. The president is supportive of this but without bipartisan support it is unlikely any bill can pass in Congress. So at this stage despite lots of chatter in the media and be some politicians there are NO firm commitments or bills in place for further stimulus payments. I will update this article if there is a tangible update and encourage you to subscribe (see end of post for options) to get the latest updates.

“We could very well do a second round,” President Donald Trump said at a White House news conference following talks with Congress. “It is absolutely under serious consideration…A second round of cash payments to Americans is part of the discussions”

Donald Trump

The recently passed CARES stimulus bill contains generous provisions like a one time $1200/$2400 stimulus check payment and a $600 p/week increase in across the board unemployment benefits. So far, Congress has already passed three bipartisan Coranavirus / COVID-19 relief bills, with the $2 trillion CARES bill the largest by far. But many politicians are already asking for another stimulus bill as the economy worsens and unemployment lines continue to grow. New provisions in a fourth or fifth bill could include the following:

  • Another stimulus check in mid-summer to provide more support for those workers in hard hit COVID states (like New York). Many, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, have already said the current government stimulus payment (now being paid out to millions of Americans) won’t be anywhere near enough if the economy gets worse or the recovery is slower than expected. Given payment issues with the current economic impact payment and faulty provisions like not providing the current $500 dependent stimulus to college age dependent kids (18 to 25), there is a lot of pressure for a second stimulus check later this year, particularly if the recession is worse than expected.
  • (April-May 2020 update) Congress has proposed two bills that include provisions for a new $2000 monthly stimulus check for those over 16 (to address dependent gap in last stimulus check) and a $5500 stimulus for a family with three or more children.
  • Additional incentives for small business to keep workers on their payroll and ensure their business stay viable during the Coronavirus/COVID-19 induced slow down. Congress is already working on a $250 billion extension to the SBA 7a Loan Program under the CARES paycheck protection act.
  • $1 Trillion of infrastructure or public works spending on “shovel-ready” projects to help drive employment across several states and to address widespread domestic crumbling infrastructure issues.
  • Further extensions and expansion of unemployment benefits to the end of the year.
  • Expansion of the Food Stamp program (SNAP) and increase in benefits not included in earlier stimulus bills.

I’ll publish more details as lawmakers release additional information about these new stimulus bill measures. Please subscribe or follow this site to get the latest information.

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42 thoughts on “Will There Be Another Stimulus Check or Coronavirus Economic Relief Payment in 2020

  1. I filed my unemployment claim exactly two months ago today and they verified my identity on 4/23 Yet I’m still waiting for my unemployment. We went from a two income household to a half of income overnight my boyfriend’s hours have been cut. They need to work on efficiency and getting this relief along with unemployment asap. I live in Florida I have called unemployment everyday all day and either wait on hold for 3 hours and then get hung up on or get the recording all agents are busy to call back later. At the rate it’s taking we are going to be homeless. I just can’t believe how beyond frustrating this is. I have a son as well this is just the worst and doesn’t seem to be getting any better.

  2. Adding to my earlier comment. I feel if this mandated masks in affect President Donald Trump should be following the protocol. HELP the middle man like me that follow the rules and do what needs to be done to survive this life. Seems like the ones that live by the rules have to pay for the less fortunate leaving us to fend for ourselves. I have awesome credit but now NO job, NO help Im going to end up as another statistic guess that’s how it works. Lets just keep adding to this messed up world of catering to those who don’t try or play the system!!! Makes a person like me want to GIVE UP!!

    1. Hello Kerri,
      Don’t give up, hang in there, things will begin to get better soon, I believe.

  3. I know and appreciate all the front line emergency people deserve relief no DOUBT!!! I do not agree placing a 16 plus who have never worked basically a stimulus check, waste of funds!!!! I had to quit my job 8 months ago do to employee conduct towards me and Supervisor’s ignored. I worked for 15 years with this company and after 8 months still cant get a job do to lets give jobs to the people we let into our country or you have to be over 70 years lol. What the hell? I cant even get medical or unemployment after 15 years of doing right!!! taken shit from people working long hours and this is what I get? Awesome, I get to watch people receive what they don’t deserve. That’s America, don’t watch out for your own do for others. This is why there’s not enough money. We are making OTHERS happy so they don’t have to work at it!! The ones that do don’t get anything when something happens. I feel it goes to those who know how to play the system and the government lets it happen.

  4. I think something should be done for Seniors who hardly have enough to live on. Many years went by and seniors did not even get a cost of living raise. They have either buy food or medicine. I know most people think that their house is paid for not so, they still have a mortgage or rent also just like people who have to work. Electric companies could give a break on seniors bills. most are afraid to use heat or a light because of the high cost. I know some seniors who eat cat or dog food to save. It is not fair if a senior loses a spouse and one makes more a month than the other, the spouse who is left do not receive any income from their spouse. Not even 1/4 of their check. They still have the same bills.

    1. Yes it seems like we are invisible nobody seems to understand that at one time we worked and paid into all kinds of taxes. Nobody seem to realize that we need help also. They are giving most people 2400.00 dollars a month. Everyone should have been able to get help instead of the funky 1200.00 dollars that we received now the stimulus stopped after giving small business 2 stimulus payment when it’s time to help the people that’s on SSI, VA, SSA.

  5. This is all fine and good for some. However, what about those who have received nothing! and I mean Nothing to date?
    Why don’t they spend some money on efficiency.


    1. I have NO INCOME,I haven’t received my Stimulus Check yet,I exhausted my Benefits for Unemployment,I can’t get in touch with them at all,So Donna I understand how you feel


  8. I am 73 years old, on Social Security and receive a SSA 1099. My income is under $11,000 per year and I filed taxes in 2018. I check the IRS site for Where’s My Check and for some reason the IRS cannot identify me. Now what do I do?

    1. Afraid I can’t help you, but I am also in my 70’s and living on SS, yet they can’t seem to find me. Use Direct Express and never had a problem receiving payments before. I think the system is severely overloaded and expect to eventually get the stimulus. Would certainly be better now than later. Do hope you get yours soon.

    2. Go back into their site and fiddle around with your address, i.e. Street address and PO Box, or PO Box only, etc.
      It worked for me. It depends upon how they have you recorded in their system (and/or that of SSA)

  9. will i get a $500 srinulus check for my 12 year old dependent and when that was for her to be abke to get summer clothes and what she needed

    1. Are you Kidding! Summer Clothes? Yeah! People are STARVING & HOMELESS & your worried about Summer Clothes for your daughter!

  10. if I worked in one job and quiet and started working a new before getting laidoff do I still get unemployment

  11. I got my frist check but I didn’t get my second one from unemployment why was that I did everything the same way

  12. The essential employees still working should get $600 more a week! Not non essential that are already getting benefits for not working. So essential people that are working to keep the country going, get $1200? Big deal! Thanks for the gas money to get to work! I wish I could sit on the couch and blow it on Amazon, but I am working!!!! Most people getting $600+ Don’t even gross that in a week. Good luck getting them back to work.

    1. I agree with you 100% Joe. I work for Cummins, we don’t get no hazardous pay, we have to pay taxes yet and insurance. This $1200 stimulus we just got is no play money for me. Have rent and food to put on my table plus other bills. I’m so tired of hearing these people who don’t deserve this stimulus and get everything paid by the state-government now, say “oh I just placed my Amazon order”. And for the people on unemployment get way more than they deserve to get. Yes, good luck getting them back to work. Why would they, make more money on unemployment. This is a absolute Joke to those of us out here risking our health to keep these factories open. Let’s help us people still employed who have no choice but to work and pay our bills.

    2. I Agree with you, something seems a little backward there. The back bone of all the still functioning business should surely get some incentive for risking it all!

    3. I agree Joe we work on regular money while food and necessities cost more and more. Everyone I work with is scared but we must go to work. Our company is involved with transmission line and power companies. We are essential but not listed as essential. Well be safe and optimistic!

  13. Will Amazon workers get a check for Hazard Pay! The whole month of march with no material ,or cleaning supplies, gloves, masks, and associates having the viruses in some facilities. Will amazon or the government pay the workers for that HP?

  14. Not true, my high school senior, who is still 17 doesn’t even qualify. Even if they are qualifying dependents on your taxes they do not qualify as stimulus dependents once they are 17, only 16 and under can qualify. So, after spending probably $500 or more on Senior year necessities like a cap, gown, invitations, pictures, etc.. she doesn’t qualify for the stimulus-dependent relief.

    1. & your worried about Caps & Gowns, Pictures, Invitations & Party Favors? WELCOME TO THE NEW WORLD!!!
      I don’t think the stimulus checks are being distributed to everyone so we can plan Graduation Parties!
      WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! Those checks are for SURVIVAL!!~! You Know, FOOD, SHELTER, LIFE!
      & I wonder how you people got this far in life! All of You!!!! ME! ME! ME! It’s no wonder the USA is in the position it’s in!
      Stay at HOME & PRAY! HARD & not for yourself! You People are in for a RUDE< RUDE AWAKENING!!! Look up from phones, LOOK around you & STOP Thinking the WORLD Revolves around YOU! IT doesn't!!! If your planning PARTIES with your Stimulus Check…. Really? You don't deserve any extra Money to get by on!

  15. I am beyond furious that the Kennedy Center got 25 million, yet I get nothing for my 2 dependent college students!!

    1. You’re two dependent college students will get you a $500 credit each, so there should be an extra $1000 provided you claimed them on your taxes.

      1. If u mean she will get $500 per kid via the stimulus pkg, you are incorrect. The government is only giving the $500 for dependents 16 and younger.

      2. Actually, she won’t get anything for her children. You only get an extra $500.00 for each dependent who is under 16. Since they’re in college, she’ll get nothing.

    2. As a 19-year-old college student who pays for college on my own, I’m pissed that I don’t get payment just because my mom claims me. I work hard and I had to leave the dorms and quit my job because of the virus and still, I get no compensation? It is just ridiculous. I’m ashamed to be an American during this to be honest.

      1. IF you work and pay for your own school why is your mom claiming you anyway? If you are ponying up in addition to Stafford loans it would be to your advantage to take the deduction now (during an active full time student status) before your graduation forbearance period expiries. Anyway, now you know, not that it is going to change anything.

      2. If your mom did not claim you it would have worked for both of you. say your mom got 500 for you. well you could have claimed your self and got the 1200 gave your mom 500.00.. darn hopefully we get another shot at this…

    1. Who told you that? Anyone making under $99,000 individually and $158,000 jointly will see a check. That includes essential workers.

    2. I’m an essential worker, I work at Amazon! I get my stimulus payment this week.

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